Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blog silence.

Man.  I have missed blogging so much!

My beloved 7 year old MacBook finally died.  The blue screen of death appeared one day, and there have been no signs of life since.

My 10,000+ pictures stored on there may have been the reason it finally gave up the ghost.
They are also the reason I might give up the ghost if Dan can't figure out how to get them off of the hard-drive-thingamajig.  I don't really understand that sort of thing.
(Allan Armitt, won't you please come home for a visit and save my pictures???)


Our plan was to wait for our tax refund, and use that + Christmas money from our parents to purchase a new macbook.

Imagine our surprise when our accountant called to tell us that instead of the several hundred dollars we usually get back, we owe Uncle Sam several hundred dollars.  Bless it.  Obamacare just keeps on giving.

Anywho, with no plans in the immediate future to come into money, the buying-a-new-computer plan has been put on hold for a bit.  I'm borrowing Dan's computer so I can at least do a brief bit of blogging really quickly tonight because it feels so wrong to have all these great pictures on the camera and not blogging.

Stay tuned for an overload.  :)

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