Monday, February 10, 2014

Round here.

My beloved Macbook is almost done.  It will no longer let me add any pictures, open up my mail, or connect to the internet.  It's about a decade old, and has taken several hard hits to the floor - it was bound to happen sometime.  We are working right now to get all of my (10,000+) pictures saved to a hard drive before it's too late.  We are also saving for an iMac.  Until then, there will be no new pictures, which means very few blog posts.

In the meantime, here's what's going on around here:

Lana is beginning to grasp the ideas of multiplication and division.  It's fun to see her brain figuring it out.

Tucker still calls mushrooms "marshmallows."  I won't let anyone correct him.

Tucker went in the jumpy house full speed ahead at Carson & Hayden's birthday party.  This is the first time he hasn't cried and insisted we go with him.

Lana's horse stepped on her foot at lessons this weekend.  She was so tough - kept right on going.  Later she told me she put her head down and cried "just a little, really quick."

I heard a new song on country radio (my guilty pleasure), and the lyrics said I feel like the frame that gets to hold the Mona Lisa, and I don't care if that's all I ever do.  That's exactly how I feel about my babies, and getting to be their mommy.

Tucker is going to play tball this spring.  The thought of that cute bootie in baseball pants makes me swoon.

Our dryer died this week, and we are almost out of clean underwear.  We're going to have a problem if we don't figure out how to fix it soon.

During the big ice storm a couple of weeks ago, I realized we probably should get some firewood in case we lost power.  We've never bought firewood, so I asked on facebook.  Within an hour, dear friends from our church delivered a stack to our door.  That wood makes me smile every time I look at it.

Dan burned his finger making a fire, and lavender oil healed it nearly instantly.  And I had a stuffy nose from the heat running nonstop, so I rubbed a drop on the bridge of my nose, and immediately everything started loosening up and I could breathe.  That stuff is magic.

The winter olympics are going on right now, and I wish we could sit on the couch and watch them nonstop.  Team Davis loves the Olympics.

Blue Bell has this new flavor for a limited time, and we are eating obscene amounts of it.

February is the month of love around here, and the kids are loving our celebration this year.  A friend made oversized felt envelopes, and I've tied them onto their chairs at our table with ribbon.  Each morning, there is a love note and a treat waiting.

We have been married 11 1/2 years, and my favorite way to fall asleep still is holding hands.  Nothing makes me feel safer or more comfortable.  That's the good life, ya'll.

Dan spent all day Saturday at church, working on some renovations to the student building.  There were 3 other men and their sons there working - from 8 a.m. to after 5 p.m.  So grateful for that.

After working 12+ hour days most of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, Dan stayed up until almost midnight helping me clean the house tonight so I didn't have to do it alone tomorrow.  He's a treasure.

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