Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Walking in a winter wonderland....

"Record breaking lows"
"Artic blast"
"Schools closing"
"Alaska warmer than Alabama"
"Deep freeze chills US"

It has been far too chilly here in the Florida panhandle the past couple of days, with lows in the 20's, wind chills in the single digits, and even a child in our school district showing up to school with frostbite.  I'm talking cold.  

So cold we couldn't even get our Pepper out of her kennel this morning:

Thanks to an idea from a friend, Dan decided to take advantage of the freezing temps and create a bit of fun for our kids when they woke up this morning.  Last night after we put the kids to bed, he let the sprinkler run in the back yard for a few hours before we went to sleep.  This is what they woke up to:

 even our little pool iced over!
Tucker was a tad disappointed we wouldn't let him ice skate.

They couldn't wait to eat an icicle:

After breakfast, they bundled up and went outside to check it out:

Super cool!

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