Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow days in Florida?

You can only imagine our surprise when our weathermen began talking of snow, and our superintendent closed schools on Monday for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Models like this are a once-in-a-lifetime thing on the Gulf Coast!

 As it turned out, we didn't get much snow, but what we did get was ice.  Lots and lots and lots of ice.  And Floridians have no experience driving on the stuff, so roads were closed and schools were shut down, and we have been homebound since Tuesday around lunchtime.

Check out this view of Palafox, one of the busiest streets in downtown Pensacola:

This ice has been a disaster for so many in the southeast.  Thankfully, we have been tucked safely inside our home, and have not ventured out for much of anything at all.    (My extrovert husband got cabin fever earlier tonight and made a walmart run.)

We have had a really superb time being together.  We have built fires, roasted marshmallows, played games, read books, baked cookies, played Wii, napped, made homemade hot cocoa, snuggled, raided the candy bucket, and tried to fight off stuffy noses.


More to come tomorrow!  With temperatures not rising above freezing today, and a hard freeze called for tonight, the roads won't be safe for buses, so they have cancelled school another day.

I never would have imagined 3 snow days in a row in the Florida panhandle!

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