Friday, January 24, 2014

'Round here

*Tucker hates showers.  He acts like they are raining acid down on him.  Super big achievement this past weekend when we were staying in a cabin without a bathtub and he happily took a shower.  Twice.  And said he liked it.

*Tucker also hates bandaids.  We tried to put one on a cut on his finger this week, and he screamed like we were ripping his fingernails out with pliers.

*On the days I teach, I eat "lunch" at 10:30 a.m.  By the time I get home around 3:00 p.m., I am hungry enough to chew my leg off, and I don't want anything healthy.

*Guaranteed way to make my husband's day: suggest before he leaves for work in the morning that he go spend a few hours in the treestand after work.

*We are saving our Christmas money and tax refund and birthday money to buy a new desktop computer.  My laptop is almost 8 years old, and is on her last leg.

*Since Lana started preschool, we've always celebrated her half-birthday in her classroom with doughnuts and juice.  (Because she has a summer birthday, she would miss out on this class celebration that I think is so sweet!)  She has always loved it and been so excited.  This year, she doesn't want to do it!  My heart is breaking!

*We've tried different ways of doing family worship time over the years, with varying degrees of success.  This year, we are reading the bible together every time we sit down at the table to eat.  It's been really good so far.  Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.  Deut 8:3

*Tucker has memorized Lana's entire Christmas musical from December, even the speaking parts.  He can quote it all word for word.  I must remember that he learns things set to music.

*We gave Lana piano lessons for Christmas, she she started two Fridays ago.  She is so precious - walks out of Miss Driver's room beaming, and can barely wait for Tucker to wake up from his nap every afternoon to practice.  She just learned to play this song.

*I am loving using my oils so much.  I don't sell anything - not even candy bars for my kid's school fundraiser - but I make a little commission when people I tell about the oils buy them, and it's enough to pay for me to buy more oils.  That's kind of fun.

*Lana and I recently watched The Sound of Music together, and it was magical.  We sing the songs to each other randomly sometimes.  I want to watch more musicals with her, and even ordered a small collection of Rodgers & Hammerstein, but I'm not sure which ones are entirely appropriate for her.  I think I need to rewatch them first!

*If you ride with us in the car these days, you'll probably hear us singing this song at the top of our lungs.

*Mrs. Kathy was teaching Tucker's class the story of Joseph.  She got to the part where his brothers threw him in the hole, and Tucker chimed in "Yeah! And there were LIONS in the hole!"  A few minutes later, Mrs. Kathy said "Does anybody know where this happened?"  Tucker: "In NINEVAH!"

*Lana and I are reading this book together right now, and it is amazing.  She & I are both spellbound.

*I have a problem with planners.  I really, really love them, but when I get about halfway through them, I need another one.  I like to be able to see a year ahead.  So I have a box of half-used planners, and I'm totally ok with that.

*Pepper has been running with me a few times a week, and with her regular collar, she's a nightmare, pulling everywhere.  But we switched her to a halter-style collar when we run, and she's a dream.

*Dan took his students to a retreat on Panama City Beach this past weekend, and he let the kids and I tag along.  It was super fun, and it's so cool to get a front row seat while he does ministry.

*Tucker was weepy at bedtime, so I laid down with him. To distract him from the thing that was making him weepy (a cut on his finger), I suggested that he think about things that make him happy. 

Me: could think about skateboarding. What else?
Tucker: (snuffling) I don't know.
Me: Pepper's soft ears?
T: oh yeah, I like her soft ears....
Me: and reading books with Lana, and playing with your friends at school, and ice cream - 
Tucker, interrupting: and YOU, Mommy! I could just think about you.

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