Monday, December 16, 2013

Morning times, and missing kisses.

Tucker recently told me that I kiss him too much.
"It's so many, Mommy!  You do it all the time!  No more kisses until Sunday."

So I promised to not kiss him without asking his permission,
and it is breaking my heart in TWO, you guys.  
It's obviously that he's growing up, setting boundaries, pulling away from mama a bit.
Totally normal, I know, but still.  
He's my baby.

I take solace in this, though:

Although he may be rebelling against mama smothering him with kisses, he still sticks close.
Every morning, as I dry my hair and put on my makeup and pick out my clothes, my buddy is right there in the same room with me.  He might run out to get something to play with or read, but within seconds, he's back: chatting my ear off, telling me stories, promising to defend me.

This is one of the sweetest times of my day.

I don't know how many more mornings he'll want to spend like this.
Someday soon,  he'll want to sleep in instead.  Or go for a run.  Or watch the news.  Or hang out with friends.  Someday he won't plant himself right under my feet.

I am savoring every moment of this while it lasts.

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