Sunday, December 8, 2013

KC Jams Christmas Musical 2013

This morning, our children's choir did their musical called "Angel Alert."  It was a whimsical look at the birth of Christ from the angel's point of view.  And while the dialogue was mostly silly, the songs they sang were so rich and resonated with my heart this time of year.

Lana had a wonderful time rehearsing and sharing this musical.  Here are a few sweet pictures we caught of her today:

I have to share these precious picture of my buddy watching the musical:
He was so excited to see it - he has listened to sister's cd in the car for weeks, and knew every word to every song.  He was so wound up at the beginning that he couldn't sit still.  Thankfully, I had my bottle of Peace and Calming with me, and I rubbed a bit behind his ears.  Within minutes, he had settled in to my lap like this.  I love my oils!

Here is some video action of the musical:

Opening song (seriously, her smile turns me into a pile of mush.)
Call His Name Jesus (that smile again.  aaaahhhhh)
Call His Name Jesus 2
Lana's duet
Ribbon Dance - this was her fave.  Can you just see it on her face?!
More ribbon dancing
???? She swears she had a line here, but we didn't hear it.  Could not stop giggling at this cutie pie.  She is so stinking adorable I can't stand it.

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