Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve with the Davis'

Every year we gather at Dan's parents house on Christmas Eve.  The kids run wild, and we eat like kings, and there are so many gifts and laughs, and it's a great time.

This year Dan's parents made a big pot of gumbo using his grandmother's recipe, and fried a mess of fish, and it was so delicious.

Love all these precious cousins!
They play together so well, grouping up differently all the time, and truly enjoying themselves being together.  Just even notice in this picture - both of the younger girl cousins chose to sit right with Lana, nearly in her lap.  Tucker is smashed up next to Jake, and Hayden had been buddied up with Noah most of the day.

I tried to capture just even a bit of the gift-opening chaos.  
It was awesome!

 After food and presents, PawPaw and Dan & his brother herded all the kids outside and they headed to "Dirtland," which I have never actually been to, but is apparently a dirt pit and the Davis kids called "Dangerous" growing up.  A kids dream!

We hung out most of the day, until Tucker could barely keep his eyes open, and then we headed home to our house to get ready for Christmas Eve:

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