Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tucker's Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Tucker's Thanksgiving Feast at his preschool - it is absolutely one of our very favorite things that they do all year long.  We love Hillcrest so much - it reminds me of my beloved Little Lambs in Raleigh, in all the best ways.  They just seek to love our babies, and tell them about Jesus, and really, could you want anything more during these early years?

This was Tucker's placemat, showing us which table to sit at:

I got a sub for a half a day, and checked this beauty out of school - we make these things a family event.  I love everything Team Davis.

Look at this expression when he got on stage and saw us!

I cannot believe how grown up and handsome he looked up on that stage.
He will always be my baby boy:

And then, after all the classes had done their sweet songs,
Mrs. Amy (the director) dismissed everyone to sit with their parents except my buddy.

He was totally, truly fearless as he sang this song!
Singing "Amazing Grace"

The backstory:
I sing hymns to the kids every night at bedtime.
Amazing Grace is Tucker's very favorite, and most often requested one.
One day at preschool, they were singing songs, and his teacher was taking requests.
He suggested "Amazing Grace," and apparently when his friends didn't know it, he offered to teach them.  As the feast approached, Mrs. Kathy mentioned to him that perhaps he could sing Amazing Grace for the parents.  

"Sure!" he said.
In the weeks leading up the feast, he wouldn't practice it at all, at home or school.
He said he was "saving it for the feast."
Finally, yesterday, Mrs. Kathy told him he needed to practice with the microphone.
She gave him the choice to have his friends stand with him, or to sing by himself.
He chose to sing by himself.  Total confidence.

He never even hesitated today.
I don't know that anything could make my heart happier than to hear
these ancient, gospel, life-giving words coming from my boy.
May this always be the anthem of his heart.

So, so blessed and thankful to be the mama of Team Davis.

After Tucker's song, and the pastor's prayer of blessing,
we got to enjoy a true Thanksgiving feast!

Tucker with Mrs. Amy, the director of his preschool:
The way Mrs. Amy leads her program is amazing.  She is so calm, and sweet, and careful to know each child and what they need.  She is the one who suggested moving Tucker up to the 4 year old class this year, since he just barely missed the cut-off.  It was absolutely the right decision, and I still remember talking with her about my concern that Tucker might be behind academically because he's so young, and her calm reassurance that preschool wasn't about academics - it was about preschool, and that he would be just fine.  She could not have been more right.  I'm so thankful for a director who was willing to consider my one individual child, even among the needs of all.

And here he is with Mrs. Kathy, his beloved teacher.  
She is completely gifted to be a preK teacher, and she may be the very best one I've ever known.  Every single day, she has something to tell me about my Tucker: a funny story, sometime he particularly enjoyed, etc.  She SEES him, you know?  And she loves him - I can tell just by the way she talks to him.  He is absolutely thriving in her classroom - she truly brings out the very best in him.

What a wonderful day!  My heart is full.

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