Wednesday, October 23, 2013

P.A.T.S. presentation on disabilities

Every Wednesday, Lana leaves her regular classroom and spends the day in a 3rd grade classroom with the gifted teacher.  They call it PATS, and I don't even know what it stands for.

It has been wonderful for her - something she really looks forward to every week.  This first quarter of school, their class has been studying different disabilities - everything from eye diseases to autism.  They even had a guide dog and trainer come to visit their class one day!

Today, parents were invited to their classroom so that the students could teach us what they have been learning:

There were stations set up all around the classroom, with 2-3 students teaching at each station.  The stations were entirely student led.

Lana and a friend did their presentation on Tunnel Vision.

Here is Lana teaching us about tunnel vision:

 We were so very proud of how well she did not only with us, but with the other parents who came in.  As we watched from another part of the room, Lana spoke to those adults clearly, looking them right in their eyes, and even answered their questions.  We were so proud!

We enjoyed visiting all of the other stations, particularly the ones about sensory issues and blindness.  We learned so much today!

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