Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My BSF Buddy

This year Tucker has been going late to preschool on Wednesday mornings so that he can go with me to BSF.  He is loving it just as much as I do, and often walks around our house singing (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell) "O means for Obey, O means for Obey, hi ho the derry oh, O means for Obey," with his arms in a big O above  his head.

His BSF Children's leaders are wonderful, and they brag on him every week, telling me about how much he loves to participate, and how they love how much he knows about God's Word.  Makes this mama's heart so happy and thankful for BSF even more.

All of you who have children in BSF will appreciate this, too:
I was standing at my counter putting makeup on this morning, and Tucker was sitting on the ledge of my bathtub looking at books, when I heard him say, "Ok, friends, it's time for quiet time!"

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