Monday, October 28, 2013

Report card - 2nd grade, 1st quarter

We are very pleased with Lana's first report card of second grade!  

She was also been chosen as a "Lipscomb Leader" for this quarter, based on the qualities of leadership, effort, and enthusiasm.  Love that.  We enjoyed attending that awards ceremony together.
Please excuse mama's ridiculousness.  We were having a pajama party in my classroom that day.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sidewalk chart art: boy vs. girl

Earlier this week, the kids were drawing with sidewalk chalk while Dan & I cleaned out the cars.
The next day, as Tucker and I were leaving the house, I stopped to look at their drawings.

Here's Lana's: 
a mermaid

Here's Tuckers: ?????
Me: "Hey, Tucker, tell mama about your drawing."
Tucker: "Hahahaha, it's my booty, mama!  I sat down and traced my booty!  hahahaha!"
Yes, indeed.  That is a booty.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mama's got a new set of wheels!

Goodbye, minivan!  Hello, Jetta!
This is my new-to-me Volkswagon Jetta TDi.

We are so excited about this new addition.
Our beloved minivan had 200,000+ miles on it.
While it still got us from point A to point B, it was struggling.
No AC, windows wouldn't roll down, etc.

Dan started looking for a replacement vehicle,
with the idea that we were looking for a great deal on a fuel-efficient vehicle.
We were so happy to find this Jetta.
It has 5,000 miles on it, still a few years left on the warranty,
and we paid less than Kelly Blue Book.
As Dan drove it home from Birmingham, 
he was getting almost 60 miles to the gallon.
Such provision!
This will be a long-term vehicle for us.

Here are some more pictures:
The children (and husband!) have been warned: no eating or drinking in this vehicle.  
Maybe water.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

P.A.T.S. presentation on disabilities

Every Wednesday, Lana leaves her regular classroom and spends the day in a 3rd grade classroom with the gifted teacher.  They call it PATS, and I don't even know what it stands for.

It has been wonderful for her - something she really looks forward to every week.  This first quarter of school, their class has been studying different disabilities - everything from eye diseases to autism.  They even had a guide dog and trainer come to visit their class one day!

Today, parents were invited to their classroom so that the students could teach us what they have been learning:

There were stations set up all around the classroom, with 2-3 students teaching at each station.  The stations were entirely student led.

Lana and a friend did their presentation on Tunnel Vision.

Here is Lana teaching us about tunnel vision:

 We were so very proud of how well she did not only with us, but with the other parents who came in.  As we watched from another part of the room, Lana spoke to those adults clearly, looking them right in their eyes, and even answered their questions.  We were so proud!

We enjoyed visiting all of the other stations, particularly the ones about sensory issues and blindness.  We learned so much today!

Wordless Wednesday: Going, going, gone.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pretty door!

I love wreaths!  I love how welcoming they make a front door, and I love how they can say so much about the personality of the people we live within.

I don't like the price tag of most wreaths.
And I don't like crafts.

So when I found these wonderful wreaths at a super deal, I was so happy!

Here is my super fun Roll Tide wreath made by Annie at Annie's Creations:

She is very talented, and makes a wide variety of home decor items to order.
Love this weekend addition to our front door!
Annie is located in Daphne, Alabama, and you can reach her at 251-510-8957
or through her Facebook page.

We sport the Roll Tide on the front door during the weekends, and now look at this lovely fall wreath that we have on the front door during the week:
Mrs. Letha made this for me - she is a longtime friend of Dan's family, and I had no idea how talented she was until she put a picture on Facebook of a wreath she made for her own front door.  I immediately begged for a duplicate, and after a search for some more ribbon, she came through!  So perfect for fall!  You can get in touch with precious Mrs. Letha at

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our children

7 years, 3 months old
loves reading more than anything
very modest in her clothing choices
gets weepy when overtired
makes "hide-outs" all over the house
growth spurting like crazy, eating us out of house and home
loves to ride her bike
didn't cry when she got her flu shot
enjoys going to PATS on Wednesdays
super defensive of her brother, even towards us
loves to ride in the jeep
very, very literal
won't wear shirts with buttons or collars - calls them "boy clothes"
a true creative: spends time writing stories, designing clothes, making building modifications on her doll houses, and more
taking horseback riding lessons
prefers her hair in a ponytail most days
Mommy still picks out her clothes each night 

4 years, 1 month old
hates sandwiches
loves to rub Pepper's ears
almost done with naps
asking about playing baseball and/or basketball
covers his eyes when people kiss on tv
fast runner
has a crazy sweet tooth
calls vanilla wafers "banilla wifers"
had to be held down to get his flu shot
loves helping to grocery shop, carry things for mama
tends to argue to try to get his way
true boy: loves to roughhouse and wrestle with Daddy
favorite job at preschool: line leader
second favorite: door holder
hates bandaids

Their favorites:
the library
reading books before bed
mama's homemade bread
getting candy from Mr. Andy on Sunday mornings
playing ball with Daddy
letting Pepper ride in the car
waffles and syrup for breakfast
reading books
skipping naps
making art with glue and popsicle sticks
bathtime in mama's bathtub
watching Saturday morning cartoons
Friday night pizza & a movie
riding in the jeep with the top down
hanging out in the student building at church

Tucker begs his sister to read to him almost constantly, 
which is not her favorite thing to do -
she would rather read to herself because "it's faster, Mommy!"
She has learned to negotiate it out with him - 
"After I finish this chapter, I'll read a book to you, Tucker."
He's learning to be patient.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lana's field trip to the environmental center

Lana's class took a field trip to the Escambia County Environmental Center today, and she was so happy to have her Daddy come along as a chaperone!

Here are a few pictures from their trip today: