Saturday, September 7, 2013


Acts 17:26 
...and He marked out their appointed times and determined the exact places where they should live...

If you know the story of how we came to Pensacola, and even how we bought this very house, you know that we are completely confident that we live in exactly the place God determined for us this season.

One of the sweetest parts of this place is that we have made dear friends in our neighbors, one family in particular.  We don't just get along - we truly adore them, all four of them, and are so thankful that the Lord crossed our paths.  If you're married with children, you know what a GIFT this is - that everyone gets along - husbands and wives and kids!  Our four kids play together like a dream, so the four of us get to just hang out together, and we always laugh and cry (love you, Mary) and the time just flies by.

We all realize what a treasure this is, so in this season of young children and busy lives, we are very careful to set aside at least one weekend a month where we get our families together.  We take turns hosting and cooking, and sometimes it is very elaborate and sometimes it is very simple and it is always very wonderful.

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