Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Celebrating 4 year old Tucker

Birthdays around here just call for streamers on your door.  
They stay up for days or sometimes weeks.

 Signs on the bathroom mirror are pretty standard, too.
Though this is the first time a number has appeared,
and my children were duly impressed.

The coffee table is where the gifts await!

We have been working on a collection of legos for him, and were excited to give them to him.  I think Lana will be a huge help in getting him started building!

His favorite gift by far was this rocket launcher, though!
He has played with all day long, every change he gets.

He celebrated with his preschool class this morning, too!
Krispy Kreme and Capri Sun at 9 a.m.  :)

His sweet teacher Mrs. Kathy KAFFY had a sign on the door and a gift in his cubby
He loved that!

 This is Tucker and his friend Jude.  Jude's daddy is on staff at another church in our town, and friends with Dan.  It's fun that they are in class together. And wild.  It is also wild.

 We are so happy to be this boy's parents.  
He is absolutely a joy.

We got to enjoy a family dinner at Cheddar's:
The birthday boy got to choose....he had a little help from big sis.  ;)  
This is her favorite.

Oh, boy of mine.
It seems like just yesterday you were tiny and chubby and baby
and now you are this magnificent boy who has so much personality it can barely be contained inside that body of yours.  
Today I have done just a little bit of grieving over that gap-toothed smile and silky baby hair and precious babbling.  I have.  But I have done far more celebrating today.  I am celebrating all that you are: the joy you bring to our family, the fire that burns inside of you, the passion with which you approach everything.  And you know...I am celebrating who you will become.  You have a warrior spirit, Tucker Philip, and I am convinced that God will make your dangerous for the Kingdom. So you just know, even now, that with every tight squeeze, with every "smoochity smoochity," I am holding you as close as my arms will allow, and I am also releasing you to the will of a Father who loves you far more than I.  I know deep in my soul that He has great plans for you....not to make you great - to make HIS NAME great.  And so this is how it begins....I'm hanging on for the ride, buddy.  It's gonna be a wild one.

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