Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tucker's first day of preschool

Today Tucker started preschool!

Because his birthday is 10 days past the cutoff for school start, he is technically supposed to be in a 3 year old preschool classroom this year.

However, the 4 year old class was very small this year at his preschool, so the director offered a few of us who have children who just miss the age cut-off the option to put them in that 4's class, creating a combined 3/4 year old room.  They will only have 6 students in their class.

We thought this would be a perfect fit for Tucker!
He will still go to VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) next year, so he will be in the correct class when he starts kindergarten.  

This is Mrs. Kathy, his teacher this year!
I just met her this morning when I dropped him off,
and I think she will be wonderful for him.

A few days ago, we began talking about preschool and his first day, and he was very adamant: 
I am not going to school.  I think I will just stay home with mommy.

So I wasn't quite sure how he would do this morning,
but when he walked in and saw all those fun toys and children playing,
he jumped right in and didn't look back.

I was so excited to pick him up at 1:00.
He said he had a great day, and his favorite part was playing on the playground.  I asked about his teacher, and he said, "She is very nice, and a little bossy."  Hysterical!

I said something about "Mrs. Kathy," and he said, "Mommy!  No, that's not her name.  Her name is (enunciating very carefully) MISS KAFFY!!  Do the ffffff sound, Mommy!"  I cannot convince him that the th says /th/ in her name - he corrects me every time.  This kid keeps me laughing.

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