Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Small group, established 2013

Dan & I joined our first small group at Church on the Eastern Shore in 2003.  Living life in community via small groups has been in our spiritual DNA ever since, and there has never been a time where we haven't met weekly with other believers, in the spirit of Acts 2.

Since coming to Heritage, we have been praying about starting a small group, and slowly but surely, God revealed to us, in His timing, the who and what and where and when.  One of the sweetest parts of this small group story is that as we approached each couple whom God had told us to speak with, they were ALL IN.  No half-hearted "we'll pray about it" - each and every person and couple was eager and joyful!

Weeks and weeks of planning and meeting and reading and praying and discussing went into the launch of this small group.  And now, about 6 month later, here we are:
Not such a "small" group these days - and we are missing our beloved Sean and Minh, Tiffany's husband Guy, and the Ray's son Gabe.  
Here are most of the kiddos:

We meet every Sunday night to talk about how the sermon from that morning applies to our lives, how we can actually live out the Word that is preached to us so that we are doers and not hearers only.  We hold each other accountable to real life change, and we pray for each other, among many other functions of this precious group.
Why Small Groups? by CJ Mahaney has been a foundational text for our group.

 Occasionally, we set aside a "family night," time for us all to gather together, including the kiddos, to eat and just hang out and enjoy building relationships with each other.  The Scanlan's host the adults in their home each week, so they invited us over for swimming and grilling out.
Here are some pictures and one video from the fun:

 We are so thankful for this group that God has assembled for His glory, and look forward to who He will add to our number.

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