Thursday, August 15, 2013

Life with Pepper today (9 months)

 It's hard to believe our sweet Pepper girl has been with our family for so many months!

 She is absolutely beautiful - we get compliments on her wherever we go.
Her personality is as sweet as can be.
She is friendly as can be, 
and while not always the quickest to obey,
her happy-go-lucky nature makes her impossible to resist.
She is naturally friendly to everyone she meets,
and always submissive to people and other dogs.
 We are very much her "people," and she wants nothing more than to be with us.  She waits at the kids' bedroom doors in the mornings, follows us around as we hang out in the afternoons, and is the sweetest cuddle bug in the evenings.

and to document her 3/4 birthday, here are
The Antics of Pepper Mint Davis:

sleeping in our blanket basket

drinks left on the table are an open invitation for her to have a sip, apparently:

 this is how she's stolen mama's heart

she wanted to watch the neighbors walking by, so she climbed up on this storage tote so she could see through the slats of the fence:

this is her spot, especially at nighttime.
we've trained her to stay on the blanket on the couch.

we keep a basket of toys near the back door.  she doesn't wait for us to get them out for her; she will just hop right in and get what she wants herself, often digging to the bottom to find a particular toy.

she loves to play with balloons, but doesn't like for them to pop, so she's figured out how to carry them carefully around in her mouth.

completely gently and docile with our wild man Tucker

if she spots any snuggling going on, she insists on getting right in the middle of it:

Although she does require extra work and money, our sweet Pepper brings so much joy to our family, and we couldn't imagine our life without her.

She was just spayed a few weeks ago.
She eats about a cup and a half of dry food per day.
She loves to drink the hot water from the bathtub.
She prefers running drinking water to still water.
She loves "going," and if she hears keys jangle, she runs for the door.
She's bad about begging at the table....because Tucker (and mommy) sneak her bites.
She is totally house and crate trained.
She's fair to middling on the leash.  Her nose distracts her.
She has just in the past month started barking when someone knocks on the door.
I'm glad she finally has - it makes me feel safer!
If we leave a meal unattended on the table, she will eat every bite.

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