Saturday, August 3, 2013

7th Birthday Celebrations!

It has been such a fun week celebrating this sweet thing turning seven:

She asked for a spend the night party this year,
and I had to just bump it up a notch because she is so stinking wonderful
and deserves every bit of celebrating she can get.
So instead of just having friends over to celebrate,
we took her friends and stayed the night at Orange Beach!

First stop: Da Girlz Place in Perdido for snoballs:
She was limited to 4 friends because we only had 5 places for kids to sit in the car.
She was bummed about that, because there were about 5 more friends she would have liked to invite.  I needed to start small with this spend-the-night business, though, so it worked.  

After snoballs, we headed to the condo and enjoyed lunch at the pool:

These sweet girls couldn't wait to get in the pool!
They swam their little hearts out for hours.

Snack time called for cupcakes and celebrating!
One of the things I treasure about Lana is her genuine gratitude as she opens gifts.  No matter what she is given, she is always truly delighted and grateful.  Her friends got her some super special things!

The condo has an awesome bed set-up in the second bedroom -
room enough for all the girls to stay in there together!
We had to draw names to decide who would sleep where.

We came inside for a quick midday break....

ate pizza around the pool

and then swam some more!!

There is a little outdoor shower, so we grabbed shampoo and soap and did bathtime outside - they thought it was fabulous!  Sweet summer nights.

This friend!  Wow, so thankful for her.
She works a full-time job, and of course then I have my family to take care of at night, so time with her is rare and treasured.  It worked out for her to come spend the day with us at the condo, which was so perfect on all levels!  She & I sat with our feet in the pool as the girls swam and had hours to chat, which is unprecedented.  It was also such a gift to have an extra adult there so that when I needed to run up to grab towels, snacks, etc., she could keep an eye on the girls.


After it got dark, we went inside and put on jammies, painted nails, ate junk food, and watched a movie on the pull out couch.  They had played so hard all day long, I was sure that they would fall asleep.  Didn't happen!
They were all asleep by 11:30, though, and I didn't hear a peep from them until 6:30 the next morning when the early birds started rising.  Not too shabby!
Before we headed home, we got another round of swimming in, and a watermelon snack:
Lana declared it the best birthday party ever.

Dan had worked the night before to get Lana's big birthday present ready before we got home.  Thanks to our dear friends Jon & Ashley Andrews, we were able to get Lana what she has been asking for: a big bed!  Jon gave it a new coat of paint, our friend Monty delivered it to our house, and Dan got it set up and put together so she could walk in to this super surprise:
It takes up most of her room, but she loves it.

The celebrations continued on into the week!
Dan's parents gave her some cash for her birthday, and she was overjoyed to use it at Best Buy to purchase an ipod shuffle.  

Then, this afternoon we had a family celebration at our house with cake and ice cream and pizza and some of our nearest and dearest.
Sadly, my camera died within the first few minutes, but I did manage to snap a few pictures.

cousins in the pool - we sure do have cute babies!

Love this one of the cousins with their great-grandparents:

Lana showed Grandaddy (who is in his 80's) her ipod shuffle, and he couldn't get over it!  He had us all tickled.  When she told him there were over 400 songs in there, he said, "Man, I bet they're all pretty crowded in there!  How long have they had these things out?"

 Love these of my babies, even though they are just cell phone shots.  Check out how Tucker is looking at Lana in that first one....melt my heart.  And that look on her face as we sing happy birthday in the second one kills me, too!  Oh, how precious they are.

My mom, Dan's parents, Dan's grandparents, and his brother's family came today.  Such a sweet time together celebrating our girl!

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