Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life with Lana today (7 years old)

Profile of a 7 year old Lana
54 pounds (66th percentile), 50.25 inches tall (82nd percentile)
  • Interests: biographies, art, science
  • Enjoys: snuggling with Pepper, reading, playing with friends, having a family movie day   
  • Turn Offs: naps, people talking to her while she's reading, Barney (she says)
  • Vices: withdraws when she is upset or scared; easily frustrated when she can't do something; leaves lights on in every room of the house; doesn't use "ma'am" and "sir" consistently, no matter how often we remind her; is a total packrat
  • Strengths: kind to others, compassionate to those in need, strong reader, quick learner, eager to please, determined to completing things, good listener, quick to forgive, has a genuine love for life, eager to help, very independent

Favorites of my 7 year old:
  • Foods: mama's homemade bread, broccoli, apples, chicken noodle soup, daddy's white bbq chicken, vegetables, and pie
  • Movie: Rise of the Guardians
  • Shows: Hercules, Littlest Pet Shop
  • Books: junior classics - her current favorites are Robinson Crusoe, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist
  • Toys: Barbies, stuffed animals, trampoline, magnets
  • Activities: drawing, making things, climbing, swimming, reading

  • Physical: She is working on mastering riding a bike without training wheels.  Gross motor development has always come a little slower to her, but she is determined to get it.  Our neighborhood roads aren't very smooth, so we have to be mindful to take her somewhere to practice.
  • Spiritual: She is absorbing more of the gospel everyday, and has a sweet childlike faith.  She asks lots of questions about spiritual things.  She's heard the term "ask Jesus into your heart" at church and is very curious about what that means and how to do that.
  • Emotional: She is not dramatic at all, generally very calm and even-keel.  She is flexible and deals with change very well, as long as she's not overtired.  If she is overtired, all bets are off and she's super emotional.  It's always a clear indicator that she needs some time to rest.
  • Educational: She is very bright, and masters most concepts easily.  Her strength is literacy, and she is reading on approximately a 6th grade level right now.  She is in the process of being tested for gifted, and although I don't think she is a genius, I do think she is exceptionally smart and self-motivated, and that is good news for any learner.  
  • Character: She has a clear sense of right and wrong, and tends more these days to not let others persuade her to do things that are foolish.    

Treasuring details of my 7 year old:
Lana is utterly adored by her brother, and she has earned that adoration in every way.  Dan & I talk all the time about how he has no idea how good she is to him.  She takes time to read to him, play with him, (usually) includes him in whatever she is doing, shares everything with him, and just is generally the best big sister I can imagine.  And because of that, he thinks the sun rises and sets on her.  This is "their song."

Another who adores Lana beyond words is our Pepper.  She goes and waits at Lana's door in the morning for her to wake up, and she knows she can't go on the carpet, so when Lana opens the door, she just lays down and waits for Lana to love on her.  And wherever we find Lana snuggled up with a book, we usually find Pepper, too.  They are great buddies, and it makes every bit of the work worth it:

One of the things I love most about Lana is the wide range of things she enjoys doing.  She is content to spend time alone in her room reading; enjoys being active and swimming, running, bike-riding; and has really become interested in art and creating things from her imagination.  She really has such a diverse array of interests, which makes her an interesting person, I think. :)

Very rarely will she nap anymore; only when she is extraordinarily tired.  I found her like this one afternoon - she had gone into her room and just fallen asleep with lights on and everything.  That's always a sign she is getting sick.

Lana is not afraid of anything!  Not high rollercoasters, not trying new things, not ziplining, and not critters.  Her first instinct when she saw this worm on the sidewalk after a big rain, and this frog hopping along in a shower, was to pick them up and check them out.  Love that!  Then she finds somewhere "safe" to let them go.

These big blue eyes and freckles sprinkled across her nose and sweet lips and wispy hair...she is a 7 year old beauty, and I wish I could freeze her in time.  This precious girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and we simply adore her.

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