Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lent & Resurrection Sunday

Happy Resurrection Day from Team Davis!

"In christian circles there is constant talk about free salvation. It IS free, thank God. But it is only free to us. God paid a great price for it. Jesus paid with his blood. It is free to us because someone else paid a great deal." -Rachel Jankovic

Do not abandon yourselves to despair.
We are the people of Easter and hallelujah is our song!
-Pope John Paul II

My precious friend Donella made this beautiful new wreath for our front door at the beginning of Lent, and it has been so good for us to see as we've come in and out of our front door the past weeks.

Love this picture of Tucker in his preschool class on the week before Palm Sunday:

Lana has spent hours with the Resurrection Eggs this year, telling the story over and over.  

We were out of town during Holy Week, and we took our favorite children's storybook bible with us to do our daily readings.  We weren't able to make our Grace Garden this year, but we look forward to doing that again next year.

A new tradition that we began this year during Lent is the crown of thorns on our table:
We just used a foam wreath from Hobby Lobby, and our "thorns" were toothpicks.  As we sat around the table together for breakfast and dinner each day, we would confess our sins to each other, ask forgiveness, and put thorns in the crown.  The kids quickly picked up on this idea, and Tucker would even stop during the middle of his day and say "Oh!  I just argue with my mommy!  I got to put a thorn in the crown!" and race to the table.  It was such a good discipline for all of us to catch ourselves in the midst of sinning, to reflect on our sins often, and to be deliberate to repent and ask forgiveness from each other quickly.  

As you can imagine, our "crown" filled up quickly:

This morning, I removed all the thorns from the crown, and replaced them with flowers and ribbon:
It was the neatest visual for the children to wake up to this morning, as we talked about what Christ's sacrifice on the cross did for us, how He replaced our sins and sorrow with beauty.  "The sins are all gone, Mommy?'  
It was so fun to see the children's excitement in response to all the decorations - 
Tucker was literally squealing "I SO HAPPY!!!!  Jesus is alive!!" and Lana was clapping her hands and dancing.  We had our Easter playlist going, and it was the sweetest morning of rejoicing.

The first thing they wanted to do was open the resurrection eggs again, so we did that before eating breakfast and getting ready for worship with our church family.

Here is our 2013 Easter playlist:
Our God's Not Dead - Newsboys
In Christ Alone - Getty's
Gospel Song - Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace
At the Cross - Hillsong
What a Morning - Getty's
Power of the Cross - Getty's
Hallelujah!  What a Savior! - Ascend the Hill
Arise my Love - Newsong
Glorious Day - Casting Crowns
Chris is Risen - Matt Maher
Risen (entire cd) - Sovereign Grace
High Noon - Andrew Peterson
Resurrection Letters - Andrew Peterson
I Will Run - Misty Edwards
Made Alive - Citizens
Hosanna - Hillsong
He's Alive
It is Finished - Matt Papa
O the Blood - Gateway Worship

Happy Resurrection Day!
 He is risen!
 He is risen, indeed!

And, also, the funniest Easter card ever:

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We have not taken a true family vacation, just the four of us, since we've had children - and definitely not since we've moved to Florida.  So when we were looking at Lana's spring break, we decided to try to make something happen.  Our requirements: we didn't want to spend a lot of time traveling, and we wanted it to be low key and relaxing.  First thought: asking Dan's parents to use their condo.  Too bad the snowbirds were still there.  So we kept brainstorming, and decided we'd like to visit Fairhope.  I taught there before we had children, and just love the area so much.  It took just a few emails, and one of my dear teacher friends told me they were going to be in Disney that same week and we were welcome to stay at their house!!  WOW!

So we left Pensacola from Friday to Friday and had the sweetest week together.
It was very slow, low key and relaxing.
We did what we wanted to, when we wanted to do it.
We took naps every day.
We ate ice cream at Mr. Gene's Beans every day.
We ate lots of seafood at our favorite places.
We ran into friends nearly everywhere we went.
We spent most of our time just the four of us.
It was also COLD, which meant we had to adapt some of our plans.
We played at the playground, went bowling, ate at Lambert's, visited the Bass Pro Shop, spent a whole afternoon at the library, celebrated our birthday with my parents, bought used books at the Book Inn, played at Chick-Fil-A, played at the bay, had late night hot chocolate and coffee at the Coffee Loft, took bundled up jeep rides, played bananagrams into the wee hours, ate beignets at Panini Pete's, watched squirrels, went to Build-a-Bear, browsed books at Page and Palette, sniffed and sneezed our way through a sea of pollen, wandered through downtown, watched movies, cuddled, laughed....
we had a wonderful time.
All of our hearts are so full - it's amazing how time together is so necessary to remind ourselves how much we truly adore each other!  We are committed to doing this more often.

Here are just a few of the pictures we took.
You can click on any picture to enlarge.

You may have noticed that our newest addition is missing from all these pictures.  Not to worry, she was having plenty of fun of her own.  Instead of boarding her, we paid one of our students to keep her, and she had a blast!