Saturday, March 31, 2012

Plan B

Today we were supposed to 
go to Lana's soccer game this morning,
pick strawberries with friends this afternoon,
maybe even go out to lunch or dinner as a treat.

Well, we woke up to pouring rain.
The game got cancelled.
Strawberry picking got rescheduled.
Instead of playing,
we cleaned the house and did laundry and shopped for groceries.

Our sweet children pitched right in - 
Tucker wiped down all the doors,
Lana cleaned up her room, the library, the playroom,
and dusted all the baseboards in the house.

So when the sun came out after rest time,
it was time for some fun!
Daddy blew up the pool that Sue Sue and Baloo gave them last summer,
turned on the sprinkler that Lana got in her spring basket this morning,
and they had a blast.
You can click on any picture to make it larger - 
and believe me, some of them are worth enlarging.
Sometimes the days that turn out nothing like you planned them
are the sweetest days of all.

Spring Baskets

Keeping with our tradition of doing Spring Baskets instead of Easter baskets, I have been collecting items for the children's spring baskets since Christmas!  However, we were leaving for our trip to New Orleans on the first day of spring, so we waited to celebrate the season until this morning.
Mos of the things that go in their baskets are things that they would get anyway during spring time....bubbles, books, water toys, new art supplies, fun cups, etc. 

 It took Tucker a few minutes to warm up to the grasshopper and lizard that we got for his room decorations.  His very favorite things were his bubbles and chocolate.
Lana was thrilled with her new books, and bubble gum!

Showing off their "favorites":
Lana's new cross for her room, and Tucker's Diego book that makes noises.

What a fun morning!
We are so glad Spring is here in Florida!

Friday, March 30, 2012

A cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at home.

Friday afternoon, 2 p.m.
Tucker wakes up from his nap, right on time.
Lana's smiling face is waiting on us in that car line.
We pick her up, pack it up, and hit the road.

It's a 50% chance of rain, scattered showers.
Who cares?
The beach is calling our name.
Fort Pickens.
Fried chicken.
A girl who loves to body surf on Daddy's back.
A boy who (finally finally finally) loves the sand.
Friends.  Casting lines.  Catching fish.
Races to the water.  Big deep holes.
Jellyfish stings, crashing waves, strong winds,
not one drop of rain at all.
Riding home in the pitch black dark,
snoring from the back seat,
20 piece nugget on the way home
because we're all starving.
Sleepy showers and snacks and smiles and kisses.

What a wonderful start to the weekend.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our children.

*Tucker's sorry sounds like "so-wee."
*Lana's having a hard time going to sleep at night, complaining of "having a funny feeling," and "being scared."  Once she's asleep, though, she's out like a light.
*Tucker goes to sleep easily at night but wakes up a couple of times a night talking and dreaming.  He will usually put himself back to sleep.
*Lana scored her first soccer goal at her 2nd game - she was thrilled!
*Tucker doesn't like it when we whisper to him.  He always responds "Don't speak to me! Just talk."
*Lana is now going to corporate worship with us on Sunday mornings.
*Tucker's favorite foods: "I like chocolate cake and mac and cheese."  Fortunately he eats broccoli and pears with equal enjoyment.  He still won't eat sandwiches.
*Lana won't wear polo-style shirts - she thinks they are "boy shirts."
*Tucker often calls Lana "darlin'," as he'll he walk into a room where she is and greet her "Hey, darlin'!"
*Lana has had to change tables twice at school for talking to her friends too much.
*Tucker is just beginning to "read" books to us out loud - he'll open them up and tell us a story based on the pictures.
*Lana is so generous - sharing the last of everything with her brother.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring allergies

Spring allergies have hit us full force,
particularly Dan & Tucker.
They've both had runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, sneezy heads, and headaches.
Poor guys.
Zyrtec and Claritin helps, but it makes them both feel medicine head-y.

When we lived in NC, we did the same -
the allergies were so bad our first spring there.
Someone recommended we try taking local honey.

The idea is that it's the anti-venom to allergies.
The bees go around and gather pollen from all the flowers,
and make honey.
We eat a tsp of the honey a day, and build up an immunity to that pollen.
It worked like a dream for us in Wake Forest - within a week,
none of us were taking any allergy meds.

We're going to give it a shot here.
Thanks to my friend Ellen,
we found some really local honey -
the hives are just 2 miles away from my house.
That means those bees have been gathering the exact pollen that's driving us crazy.
We found a dark honey, too, which is really the best for this kind of thing.

We'll let you know how it works out!
We're hopeful to have the same kind of results we did in NC.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

I read this children's interpretation of 1 Corinthians 13 a month or two ago,
and fell in love.
It's everything that I say, all day long, to my children.
And to myself!

I wanted it displayed somewhere in our house,
and I wanted it to be special.
It hit me one night that I would love for it to be in Lana's handwriting.

She agreed to help me, 
so I wrote the verses out neatly for her.
Over the course of several weeks, 
she copied the verses onto handwriting paper (with lines).

When she finished, Dan copied her work onto transparency sheets for me.
I got a couple of 11X14 canvases and painted them white.
I wanted this to be white and crisp and clean and look like real writing on paper.
I borrowed a projector from our Children's Director at church,
projected the writing onto those canvases,
and used pencil to trace Lana's writing.
After I traced it in pencil, I took it off the wall and went over the pencil in Sharpie.

 I originally planned for this to be on one vertical canvas,
but we couldn't get it to fit right. 
I actually like the way it turned out on two.

One of my favorite parts of this project is that Lana's sweet little handwriting is captured forever.  Backwards s's and loopy u's and all.  Love it.

I love how this looks on the wall,
and the reminder it is to all of us 
to love each other,
our closest neighbors,

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Psalms 100

Lana & I challenged ourselves a month or two ago to memorize the 100th Psalm together.

Click here to watch her quote it.

Ice cream truck!

Nothing says summertime like a treat from the ice cream truck!
If we didn't have spring fever before, we do now.
This evening, we were playing in the backyard while Dan grilled chicken, and suddenly we heard the music from the ice cream truck!
We've never lived in a neighborhood before, so my children had no idea what the music was.
However, when Mama handed Lana some money and said "run!" she knew enough to boogie her booty right out the front door, with Tucker hot on her heels:

It took them ages to choose.

 I mean, just tell me: is there anything better than mama letting you have ice cream before dinner?

They savored that pre-dinner dripped all over them!  
Daddy took over clean up.

And Lana & Tucker were in charge of cleaning up the tile.

Believe it or not, they even happily ate their healthy dinner after.  :)

Bring on the summertime!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Week of Awesomeness: Days 9-10

The week before spring break started, Lana & Tucker got some mail:

They received special invitations from their Uncle Allan & Aunt Ranae to come to their house for a slumber party!  These invites were over the top...personalized, with a list of things they were going to play and do...Tucker loved his so much that he wouldn't even give it to me for a picture!

Today was the Super Exciting Day of the Sleepover!
Lana woke up talking about it, which of course made Tucker excited about it.
My sweet sister-in-love was at home doing lots of planning and prep work.

First, though, we headed to the soccer fields for an 8:30 a.m. game.
That's where this cutie pie scored her first soccer goal!
Of all the days for me to not bring my camera.  : (  
Team Davis was so excited for Lana!!!

After the soccer game, we headed to Daphne for cousin Rylie's birthday party.
While Lana partied

Tucker napped.
We had planned to take him to the party, but on the way there he was begging for us to lay him down.  "Please I take a nap?" he kept saying.  

 It should have been an indicator that something was wrong....
little buddy woke up from his nap with a fever.  
This is how he felt about having to miss the sleepover at Allan & Ranae's:
 He cried and cried, 
"I need Uncle Awan and a Nay!!!!  I no want Lana to go!"

Snuggles from Mommy & a little ice cream helped "feel me better," as Tucker says.
You can see, though, how weak his eyes are.  :(

We took that sick boy home, bathed him, fed him, and put him to bed.
Because that bad bad fever foiled our date night, we moved on to Plan B:
sushi for 2, mountain dew, and redbox.
pretty awesome Plan B.

While Tucker was snoozing, and we were having our at-home date,
Lana was having all kinds of fun.
Allan & Ranae's nephew Brayden came to stay the night, too - super fun!
They played with Sadie, built with blocks, baked cookies, went to a park, played the piano, built a fort to sleep in, and so much more.
I am so thankful for a brother and sister-in-law who love my children, and want to invest in them this way.  What an evidence of God's grace in the lives of my Lana & Tucker!