Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: a Year in Pictures

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meet Pepper!

This is Pepper, our new puppy!
Our friend Mark raises beagles,
and he gave us this darling girl who is full-blooded beagle,
and the pick of the litter.
Can you even believe the cuteness?!
Those big ears and that white-tipped tail gets me every time.
Her name is Peppermint, as a nod to the holiday - 
we call her Pepper, which fits her spicy little personality and tiny black freckles perfectly.

 Lana is well and truly in love with Pepper already,
and doing a great job helping us train her to use the potty outside, and not chew on us or furniture.

Tucker is a little more hesitant, and tends to keep his distance.  She is very curious about him.
He is quite interested in her, though, too, and we're sure they will be buddies once she is trained well and her behavior is more predictable.  This is how we found him on Christmas Day, while she was napping in her kennel:

She is absolutely beautiful, and good natured in the way that beagles are.
She is just 6 weeks old.
She is like an infant, up every 2 hours at night.  Miserable.
(Thankfully, Dan has taken on that responsibility.)
She is having a hard time chewing puppy chow yet, so we let it soak in warm milk to help it soften up enough so that she can chew it.
She does so well on walks, and loves to follow right behind us down the sidewalk most of the time.
We can't believe this, but she loves to sleep in her crate!  She'll get drowsy, curl in up someone's lap, and after a few minutes, begin to whine.  One of us will lead her to her crate, and she curls up, lets out a big sigh, and goes right to sleep.
Lana gave her a small purple monkey that she loves to play with, and she is quite interested in her little squeaky tennis balls.
Her disposition is really good: she likes to follow behind us, enjoys being around us, wants us to go in the door of the house first, has twice gone to the back door and whined to go out and potty, hasn't had an accident inside her crate and has already shown signs of being willing to submit, especially to Dan,