Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tucker's theme song

When I heard this song on this album, I almost fell over laughing at how perfectly it describes Tucker and I!  And posting it during this potty training week is perfectly appropriate.  I'll turn this up loud and me and my precious boy have mad dance parties.  I hope he remembers them as fondly as I do.

So, my dear 2 year old Tucker:  here's your theme song.

If I Wasn't So Cute

If I wasn't so cute, I'd drive my mama crazy
I know she loves me but sometimes I can be a toot
Look at my face, it's the only thing that saves me
I'd drive her crazy if I wasn't so cute

Sometimes I'm playing outside
And then I come back inside
I make the the house all dirty
When Mom just made it clean

Sometimes I get excited
And when I'm feeling hyper
I get on her nerves and 
Make her want to scream


Sometimes I have a hard time
Falling asleep at naptime
I know that I should rest
But I just can't help myself

And when I'm eating dinner
Sometimes I drop my food and
I make a big ol' mess
and Mommy wants to yell


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