Friday, December 9, 2011

Potty training boot camp - Tucker style

Disclaimer to my readers: you are probably going to want to just scroll on by this one.
This is a very detailed account of our potty training week, and I am writing it solely for my own benefit. 
Feel no obligation to read, my friends!  :)

Day 1:
A fair morning so far!
2 accidents - once when I was playing Words with Friends with Mackenzie, and once when Dan called.
He'll pee pee every time I ask him, and he's even told me he needs to pee once or twice.
Twice, he's started to pee, and stopped himself until we could get to the potty.
All of that is great news!

However, pooping is a whole different story.
He's pooped once in his pants - I turned to put something in the trash, and it happened fast!  I whisked him to the potty, we put the poop from his pants into the potty, and I sat him down to finish.
But he's so nervous about it.
It's obvious that he needs go to, but when he starts, he reaches out for me to hug him.
I have to be touching him at all times when he's sitting on the potty trying to poop.
He's anxious about it.
I'm trying not to be discouraged and impatient - reminding myself that this is only the beginning of day 1.  I just put him down for a nap, and reminded him to keep his underwear clean,
and to call Mommy if he needs to pee pee or poo poo.
We'll see.
He was asleep in 60 seconds flat - potty training must be exhausting for him, too.

I had to wake him up 2 hours later to go get Lana from school,
and he was DRY!!
I put him right in front of the potty, and he peed.
He's not telling me when he needs to go,
but he's going when I put him on.

The afternoon was comparable to the rest of the day.
He would pee when prompted,
and very rarely tell us when he needed to pee.
He did start to have an accident one time, stopped himself,
and then finished on the potty.  That's exciting!

He sat on the potty nearly a dozen times trying to poop,
and just couldn't get brave enough.
He was actively stopping himself,
and several times would grab on to my arm and say
"I don't like to poo poo potty, Mommy!"

I slowed down his liquids around 5:00 p.m.,
although he did have a small cup to drink at dinner.
He went down for bed about 7:00 p.m.,
and was again asleep in under a minute.
Potty training wears you out.

I'll take him to the potty around 10:00 p.m. before I go to sleep.

Looking back over this day, the biggest failure of the day was me.
He was SO ready that I had pretty high expectations,
and got easily frustrated.  I never raised my voice or anything like that,
but he is so attuned to me that I'm sure he could sense my impatience.
And I'm sure that made him even more anxious,
because I so rarely feel that way about him.

I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight,
and figure out a game plan for ME tomorrow.

**After being asleep in bed for about 2 hours tonight,
we heard him fussing on the monitor.
I dashed into his room, totally expecting to change wet sheets.
Nope, he was dry!!  I quickly took him to the potty, where he peed and peed.
Oooh, I needed that before I went to sleep tonight.

**He woke up at 10:30 p.m. soaked.

Day 2:
After his accident at 10:30 p.m. last night,
we didn't hear from him until 6:00 a.m.!
Usually he wakes up that early and talks and plays in his crib until I go get him at 7:00,
but I didn't want to leave him in there that long.
So I dashed in there....

Today has been a typical 2nd day of potty training.
Some successes in the potty, at my prompting.
He's told me that he needs to go once or twice.
Some accidents,
the most notable one in his carseat
on the way back from a quick errand.
I knew I should have gotten Piddle Pad.
Oh, well, I have one on the way now.

The big (pardon the pun) news is that he went #2
in the potty!
He was not thrilled about it,
and it took lots of patience.
He was super anxious,
but I got him to sit on the potty
and then just stalled.
"Let's read a book."
"Let's sing a song."
"Hang on, you can get up after Mommy checks my email."
"Let's call Daddy."
and then he did it!!
He was very pleased,
and very happy about eating his gummies.

I'm hopeful that having that success will make him less anxious about it.

He ate a good lunch,
and went down for a nap around 12:30.
He was asleep very quickly.

He woke up around 1:45, crying "Mommy, I....."
over and over.
I dashed in and he was dry!
I took him to the potty,
and put him back in his crib.
He fussed for less than a minute,
and went back to sleep.
He slept hard for another 30 minutes,
and then the mail lady rang the doorbell,
so he woke up to pee again,
and said "I want to play, Mommy!"
He stayed dry all of naptime again today - hooray!

This afternoon was really good, too:
he told me he had to potty a couple of times,
and kept his underwear dry all the way until we took them off.
That means that after his accident at 8:00 this morning,
he had on the same pair of underwear all day long!
I'd call that success.

We put him down for bed around 7:00 p.m.,
and he called us several times for the next hour,
telling us that he needed to pee.
He did pee a little each time,
but I think he was just wound up.
I also think that he needs to have a bowel movement,
and he's trying to figure out all these new feelings
and what they require of him.
He fell asleep about 8:00 p.m.,
which is awfully late in his world.

We were all a little restless last night -
every time I heard him move,
I'd jump up and take him to the potty,
which woke him halfway up,
which means he was grumpy.
But every time I'd go in,
he was still dry.

Day 3
He woke up around 6:20 this morning, dry again!!

One of the mistakes we made when we were potty training Lana
is that when she would call us to take her to the potty in the mornings, we let her get up for the day.
She quickly learned that the way to get out of her bed
was to say that she needed to pee pee, whether she did or not.

I knew that I wanted Tucker to learn that he can get up and potty
and then go back to bed for a while.
I didn't want him to associate calling us for potty with getting out of bed.

So when I took him to the potty at 6:20 this morning,
I treated it like the middle of the night.
He said "I wake, Mommy!  I ready to play!"
But I just whispered "Everyone's still asleep, Tucker.  Shhh."
And that's all I said to him.
After he peed, I tucked him back into his crib.
I let him play in his bed for another 15 minutes or so,
and then I went in to get him with a big "Good morning!"
while he was content.

He's drinking a lot of liquid this morning,
and has been to the potty a couple of times,
immediately after we prompt him with
"Tell Mommy when you need to pee pee."
He hasn't had any accidents!
He isn't often telling us when he needs to go
which is strange,
because before this week of training,
he WAS telling us sometimes.
Once this morning, he was painting,
started to pee (just a little wet in his undies),
got the big eyes, and said
"I need to pee pee!"
He obviously needs to have a bowel movement this morning,
but he's denying it so far.

Through the morning, he's had another accident,
and told me twice that he needs to potty.
I was hoping something would "click" today,
but in general, I think he's doing great!

Since we started this Monday morning, I've only had to change his bedsheets once.  That is so encouraging to me!  Yay, Tucker!!

He woke up from a 2 hour midday nap dry.
He had one poop accident, and wouldn't finish in the potty.
He told me several times he needed to potty.

At the end of Day 3, we are not as far along as I had hoped we might be,
but all things considered, he's doing very, very well.
I think there are 2 variables that have made this potty training experience
less enjoyable for me:
(1) When we potty trained Lana, Dan was working the weekends and at home with me during the week, so we potty trained her together.  This go 'round, I am at home with him by myself.  Not only am I bored to tears being in the house talking about bodily functions, but I also don't get any breaks at all.  When we did it together - we would take turns being "on call," so the other person could have a break.  In hindsight, I should have done this on a Friday/Saturday when Dan was home, too.  My attitude just hasn't been as lighthearted about it.
(2) Tucker is not independent with pulling his underwear up and down, and Lana was.  In my opinion, that makes a HUGE difference!  By Day 4 with Lana, she was going to the potty totally unassisted!  Tucker requires total assistance.  It's still very good for him - it just makes it very different.

Day 4
I've had a better attitude today,
so Tuck has had a better attitude today.
Amazing how that works.

I decided this morning to give him 1/2 capful of Miralax to help make going #2 painless.
I don't want to get in the cycle of it hurting,
then making him afraid, and him holding it,
so it's painful.  We'll do Miralax for a couple of weeks until I feel like he's mastered this.

He's done so well today- just a couple of accidents,
and both times he's stopped and finished in the potty. We even did #2!

He stayed dry through the night and through nap.
He's telling me more often that he needs to potty.

I'm still not brave enough to take him out for a long shopping trip
or anything like that,
but he's getting the hang of it.

Here's the funniest thing about my boy:
he's not interested in rewards at all.
He doesn't ask about gummies after he poops.
He doesn't care about our cheering when he pees,
and will even change the subject.
He doesn't want to talk about it,
and totally ignores our praise.
I'm glad about all of that!

Here's what I'm wondering, though -
how old will he be when he stops having accidents every single time he watches tv?!
also, will his pants ever fit him right again?!  The ones that were perfect a week ago now slide off his diaper-less hiney.  So, so cute.

Day 5
Today has been the best day yet.
He hasn't had any accidents,
and has told us every time he needs to potty.
We've gotten out of the house a bit
(to the church and to a friend's house),
and he's used those potties with no problem at all.

Pooping is still stressful for him,
and he hasn't done that today at all.
We'll keep working on it.

I'd say this has been a successful week!

Here are some pictures from our Week O' Potty Training, because it's too precious not to document.

Daddy made sure Mommy had some survival tools:

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