Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pinterest - the Christmas edition.

This morning, I woke up determined to get some things off my Pinterest Christmas board and into my house!  The kids and I spent the whole morning running in the rain, in and out of Hobby Lobby and Michael's.  Then Dan & I spent the whole night working on these projects.

SO worth it!
Here are pictures of our day's work:

Nativity, hand painted by Lana

PB price tag: $149.  Ours cost $5.

I'm not sure what it was,
but when we lived in a rental house,
I wasn't very motivated to decorate, particularly for the holidays.
Perhaps it was because we spent most of December traveling,
or perhaps it was because I just knew we were transient,
but it just feels different to decorate this year.
I am loving these things we are choosing to decorate with, 
knowing that we'll pull them out every year.

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  1. I seriously hope, that you made two of that third picture??.. You did, right?? :) I love them all!