Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011

This is the first New Year's Eve since we've had kids that
we haven't been traveling or Dan hasn't been at work.

It's SO fun to start thinking about our family traditions,
and how we want to make memories together.

Our original plan was to do Chinese take-out,
but then we realized we could go to our favorite Chinese buffet,
spent less money, AND someone would clean up after our kids.
I promise my daughter is happy to be a part of our family - she just hates pictures.  When I showed this to her, she said "Whoops.  I was smiling in my brain."

After dinner and ice cream,
we went home to do some "fireworks."

I absolutely love their little expressions:

We were having a blast until Tucker got his sparkler turned around.

Then it was time for our sparkling apple cider.
The kids were so excited about the fancy juice - this picture cracks me up!

 Tucker loved it - here's what Lana thought:

Then we did baths and bed by 7:30 p.m.
Happy New Year's Eve to us!

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  1. Hey friend!

    First, I love how in your January picture at LLLC, you and Lana both have your hand on your hip.

    Second, I TOTALLY loved Lana saying that she was "smiling in her brain." HILARIOUS! My AK is in a funky-smile-for-pictures phase right now, too.

    Third, Lana's face over the sparkling grape juice would perfectly represent how my girl's would feel about it too! We thought about getting some but decided against it since our girls call anything with carbonation "hot!" lol.