Friday, December 16, 2011

Lana's Class Christmas Party

Dan got to join Lana in her class this morning for their class Christmas party,
and he even took the camera.  :)

First, they looked in their Penny Christmas bags.
I love this gift exchange they did!
Each child brings in a small, inexpensive gift for each of their friends,
all the same kind.
So Lana brought in 15 of her favorite candy,
and got to put one in each of her friend's bags.
Then they have a bag full of junk - just the way kids like it!

 my love.

Next on the agenda: 
assembling gingerbread houses.
What could be more classic Kindergarten than that?!

Then Santa showed up!
This is the superintendent dressed up - how fun is that?!

 I would give anything to know what she's thinking right here!

What a special year my girl is having in Ms. Fine's class!
The only thing missing from this blog post is a picture of Lana with her Daddy - 
we're so thankful he can take an early lunch break to share these memories with her.

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