Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life with Lana today (5 years, 4 months)

This month's Life with Lana is picture heavy -
I can't help it, she gets more beautiful by the day.
So, here's a snapshot of my favorite 5 year old:

She would prefer to be barefoot all the time, her whole life long.
Most days, the bottoms of her feet are black and require vigorous scrubbing.

She is very thoughtful and quickly remorseful: 
we never have to tell her that she should be sorry for something she's done.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up, Lana?
A: "a skydiver - I wanna jump out of planes."

She's still a natural at gymnastics, 
and can fly across the monkey bars faster than any boy.
We hope to get her started back in gymnastics in January.

She & Tucker got balloons at a restaurant.
His popped.  
Her immediate response?
"Here, Tucker, take mine!"

Her new love this month has been writing stories.

She's processing all the new information she's learning in kindergarten.
A few days ago, she came home and said,
"Mommy, my friend ____ said that she's dating ____.
What does that mean?"
When I asked her what she thought it meant, she laughed and said,
"I have no idea!  Maybe their families are going to meet at a restaurant or something."

Just in the past couple of weeks,
she's started sleeping in her Daddy's t-shirts at night.
She says it keeps her from missing him while she's sleeping.
She is a Daddy's girl, through and through.

She is adored by her little brother.
He asks about her when she's at school.

Her love language is time, no doubt about it.
Her favorite thing to do with Mommy these days is play board games.
Sequence for Kids is our favorite right now.

She can read anything she gets her hands on,
and she comprehends it, too.
When people ask us what we did, 
we literally have no idea what to say.
We didn't teach her this - she did it on her own.

She is a complete princess,
and also does things like this:
Her favorite cartoon to watch these days is Power Rangers.
We're letting her watch the 1993 episodes on Netflix,
and she is enthralled.

She has this goofy side that is very tongue-in-cheek;
she has no idea she's being funny.

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