Monday, October 10, 2011

Life with Tucker today (2 years, 1 month)

Profile of a 2-year-old Tucker
31.5 lbs (75th percentile)    36.75" tall (75th percentile)
  • Interests: bugs, helicopters, motorcycles, balls
  • Enjoys: playing with the water hose, helping Mommy or Daddy do anything at all
  • Turn Offs: sandwiches.  He's offended at being offered a meal that is contained between two pieces of bread.
  • Vices: He thinks he runs our house.  He'll tell Dan "No talking!" when he's talking to me, or if Lana is singing and he doesn't want her to, he'll hold his little hand up to her and say "Enough!"  Or if he's watching a cartoon and we're talking, he'll tell us "Get off my couch!"
  • Strengths: following multiple step directions.  We can say "Tucker, go to your bathroom and get your toothbrush and bring it back to me," and he will do it.

Favorites of a 2 year old Tucker
  • Foods: popsicles (always), apples, soup, broccoli, rice
  • Songs: Dad Life. He'll even say "Dad Life my favorite song!"
  • Shows: Diego, LeapFrog Letter Factory, and Spiderman
  • Books: The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle
  • Toys: Melissa & Doug Sound Puzzles.  We have the vehicle and animal one - I wonder if there are more?  He LOVES them.
  • Activities: playing with sidewalk chalk, taking walks, swimming in the tub
There's not much he can't or won't say to us now.  He's using full sentences like "That dog like to lick me!" and "I go outside and get in the swing."  He told me in the car the other to day: "Too fast, Mommy!  Slow down for safety!"  
He's learning how to apologize (especially to sister!), and now when you ask him to say he's sorry, he always follows it up with "Forgive me?"  
He's inventing his own terms for things.  Our favorite is "Daddy gummies."  He loves gummies better than anything else in the world, but of course we save them for a special treat.  Well, Dan has a marshmallow gun in his office, and a jar full of mini-marshmallows to use as ammunition.  When we arrive at church, Tucker beelines for Dan's office, asking "Daddy gummies?  I have Daddy gummies, please?!"

How 25-month-old Tucker is like his... 
mommy - he is cautious about new things, preferring to do it in his own time and way
daddy - he is wild!  He likes to wrestle and jump and slam into people.  
sister - he loves books, and will often read them for almost an hour when he wakes up

Treasuring details of my 2 year old:
  • He's starting to pray on his own, and every meal begins our prayer time by saying "Thank you God for food!"  Sometimes we'll get more than that: just the other night, he prayed "Thank you God for our food and for Lana's class and my friends!  Amen."
  • We do a family devotional time at the breakfast table in the morning, and recently, he's started asking about it as soon as we sit down at the table.  "Read that Bible, please?"
  • He isn't a fan of being buckled in anything (stroller, car, highchair) and will say "Help!  Help!  I'm stuck!!  Help!"  It's so alarming when he does this in public.
  • He's a terrible crybaby when it comes to boo-boos.  If he falls down and scrapes his knee, he's basically done for the rest of the day.  There's so much whining and crying, and he has to show everyone: "See my boo-boo?  See it?"  He doesn't like band-aids, so there's no quick fix.
  • He knows the words "pee pee" and "poop," but is showing no other interest in potty training.  I'm perfectly happy with that.  I think 2 and a half was the perfect age with Lana!
  • From watching the Letter Factory DVD, he knows all his letters and sounds, and is even beginning to recognize them in the environment!  The other day while he and I were riding down the road, he would shout out letters he saw, totally unprompted: "I see that mmmmm!" at McDonald's and "I see that W!" at walmart.  
  • He makes us laugh so hard!  When we took him to our new pediatrician's office for his well-check, she was checking his little private parts.  She commented, "Well, they're both in the right place, buddy," and he immediately responded "Thanks!"
  • His little imagination is taking off.  The other morning, we dropped Lana off at school.  When she got out of the car, he said "Awwww.  I miss my friend!"  I said "Oh, Tucker, you are such a sweet boy."  He responded immediately (and indignantly) "I NO BOY!  I HAWK!"  
  • He sleeps around 11 hours a night (if we manage to get him in bed on time), and naps 2-3 hours each afternoon.
  • He's sitting for books to be read to him for longer and longer periods of time, and will often flip through a book on his own.  He can complete the sentences/phrases in his favorites.
  • He wants to be heard, and will repeat what he's saying over and over and over until he gets a response from us.
  • His separation anxiety is getting better.  He'll go with Ms. Sandy and Ms. Mary at church now without too many tears! A couple of Sunday mornings ago, when I went to pick him up, he ran to me and wrapped his little arms around my neck and said "Mommy go to Mommy's class.  Tucker got to my class.  Mommy ALWAYS COME BACK!"  We have said that over and over; so thankful he's finally getting it.  We wonder if he needs to be in a Mother's Day out program a couple of mornings a week to really get the hang of this.  
He loves his PJ's more than anything, and will sometimes cry when we have to get dressed in the morning.  I love how this picture just captures my boy: pj's, car slippers, favorite teddy bear, truck he was playing with moments before.

He is showing signs of learning empathy and caring for others - the other day he gave his cup to "Bear-bear" because "Bear thirsty, Mommy!  Bear want drink."

He is truly all boy.  A stick and a muddy creek could entertain him for hours.

I don't know that any picture makes me laugh harder!
This boy LOVES life, and just gives it 100%, all the time.

He is very attached to blankey and monk-monk to sleep.  He insists on being covered with with blankey - I'm not sure what we'll do when he outgrows it!

Funny faces!  This is the new trick he learned from Lana!  Ha!!

He puts on the mitts from the play kitchen and comes to where I'm cooking and says "I gonna get you!"

We've been doing some super-easy fine motor work during the day while Lana's at school - he really like scooping and dumping beans.

I love the concentration on his little face here.

And yes, beans did get all over the floor.
And yes, he did voluntarily clean them up!

Tucker Philip,
I'm not sure when you became such a big boy, 
when your legs got this long,
or when you became this amazing little person instead of a baby.
When I hold you in my arms now,
your legs dangle halfway down my body.
When you hug me,
your arms go all the way around my neck.
And I just want you to know, boy of mine,
that I adore you.
I adored your bitty baby self,
and your toddling self,
and I am over the moon in love with your little boy self.
You bring laughter and joy to every single day of my life,
and if I could freeze time, 
I would stop it right at this very minute.

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