Friday, October 21, 2011

Hunting season is here!

Dan is sure missing living on all the land in Wake Forest, and being able to deer hunt in his back yard.  I'm missing having all that great meat in my freezer!

He has a good friend here who is taking him bow hunting early Monday morning - 
he is so excited!  
Yesterday, Dan and his friend took Lana to scope out the place Dan will be hunting before first light.  And oh my word, look at what Dan brought home for Tucker and Lana:

His friend's son had outgrown this amazing bow,
and unbelievably, generously passed it on to us.
They had the best time this afternoon practicing drawing back the bow with Daddy:

By the way. 
If anyone has ever wondered just who my children look like, here's the answer:

After a little while, Lana remembered the play bow and arrow that she has, 
and dashed inside to get it.
She & Tuck took a few lessons from Daddy on that one, too.

While it may be a while before they can actually use their amazing new gift to hunt, 
they're also staying busy lizard hunting.

Dan does this crazy lizard-trick where he puts it to sleep,

and then sweet little girls can easily hold it.

Tucker was not interested in holding the lizard -
when we asked him to, he ran away.

 Lana named it "Lizzy,"
insisted it was a girl lizard,
and cried when we made her let it go.

Happy hunting season!
I'm hopeful my man will get a deer on Monday morning -
there's nothing like fresh venison in the freezer.


  1. I thought of you guys last night when we had 8 deer in our front yard! They were after the open pumpkin on the porch!

  2. oh, i love priceless "dad in action" shots like those.

  3. I need to know that sleeping lizard trick, it is the "lizard plague" around here and I can't keep up with those things:) P.s. I love this many reasons why.