Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Heritage Baptist Church Trunk or Treat

 I can't get over how adorable these two are.
Edible, in fact.
These two superheroes make my world go 'round!

Daddy even joined in the fun dressing up:

We spent the evening at our church, enjoying the annual Trunk or Treat.
We heard that it was quite an event:
pony rides, a train, games, free food, lots of candy, a bullride, bounce house, music.
Lana summed it up best on the way home when she said
"Mommy, that was even more than I expected!"
We had a great time,
and it was made even better by the fact that Dan's sister and her family came,
and even his mom joined us!!  What a blast!
I do not take it for granted for even a single second that my children's memories of special times like this will involve their aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents; that I get to watch my husband dance with his mama; that I get to soak in my nieces and nephews on a regular basis.  That is a treasure to me.

First we went "trunk or treating."

It took Tucker all of 2 trunks, watching big sister closely,
until he figured out that when he said "Tricky treat!"
people gave him candy!

After a short candy-eating break,
we headed to the field where the fun was happening:

 While Lana jumped in the bouncy house and rode horses and bulls,
Tucker was perfectly content to eat candy and talk to his Nana.

It didn't take Lana and Noah too long to migrate over to where the candy-eating was happening.

 Then we all went inside for fun and games.

 Wait.  Break time for Aunt Kenzie to introduce Lana to Fun Dip.

Go.  More games and train ride, please.

 Then we did some dancing.
Quite a bit of dancing, if you were Dan & his mom.  Cuties.

Don't forget to curtsy at the end.

My favorite group shots.

And then, just as we were finally leaving, after it was all over and they were trying to get people to leave, Lana said "Mommy!  Can I ride the horse just one more time?"
It's not every day you have a horse in your church parking lot,
so the answer was yes.

 We had a blast!
Our children's director, Melissa Schubeck, really outdid herself with this one!
 From planning to organizing to lining up volunteers -
she is amazing.

Halloween: Lana's class party

We had a blast at Lana's class party!
I am so thankful for
my wonderful friend Melissa and my sweet husband,
who took care of Tucker so I could be Lana's Mommy this morning.
I'm thankful for a teacher who welcomes parents,
who lets me spend nearly a whole day in her class and makes it FUN.

Here are some of the highlights of the awesomeness that was her class party.
You can click on any picture to make it larger.

mummy making

 pizza party with ghoulish punch!

lots and lots of treats

 fun crafts with best friends

 mummy wrapping contests

 donut eating contests which led to a minor meltdown

 and a super-fun teacher who likes to put Mentos in Diet Coke
and watch the awe on kindergartenders faces:

What a wonderful first Kindergarten party!

Edited to add:
The next day at school, she drew this picture.
And her unbelievably thoughtful teacher texted me a picture of it right away so I could see the cuteness: