Thursday, September 22, 2011

Open House at Lipscomb Elementary

Tonight I got to take Lana to Open House at her school.
We made it a big deal by going out to dinner together before - 
her choice was Firehouse, of course.

She was so proud to show me the artwork displayed outside her room!

Proud mama moment that her favorite food is STILL broccoli.

Her desk had some more of her artwork, and a fun scavenger hunt for us to do together so she could show me around her room.

So proud to show me her library book!
They have a rockin' school library,
and they get to choose a book to keep in their classroom.

Near their circle time area,
they had written sentences about things they like.

Aunt Ranae, do you see what she says she likes??  :)

More cutie pie artwork.

Ms. Fine had put together a precious slideshow with pictures throughout their day - so fun to get to see my girl live and in action with her friends, just doing what they do.
This required some extra time and effort on the teacher's part, and I am thankful!

We are so thankful for a wonderful Kindergarten teacher!

After leaving Lana's classroom,
she couldn't wait to take me to the Art Room and show me where she sits.

Look at THIS incredible piece of artwork created by my daughter in art class!
I can't wait until this comes home so I can mat and frame it and hang it on my wall.

Next stop: the Music class.
Lana's self-proclaimed favorite part of kindergarten.


  1. Awesome school! What a special night with Mommy. Please, tell me more about that school library! :)

  2. It is okay that I am seething with envy over your Open House experience. Namely the scavenger hunt, and picture slide show. And girl, what I wouldn't give for an art and music class! They took them away from K this year at Joy's school:( All that to say that I am thrilled that you guys had such a great time and that Lana has these opportunities!