Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life with Tucker today (2 years)

Profile of a 2 year old Tucker
Interests: anything Lana is interested in, balls, bugs
Enjoys: watching Diego, playing outside, "helping" Mommy and Daddy do anything at all, balloons, playing with the water hose
Turn Offs: Lana being at school and Daddy being at work, water with no juice, Mommy leaving him in the nursery at church, getting in big bodies of water (pool, ocean, etc.)
Vices: the cartoon going off.  It doesn't matter what we do to prepare him, when the credits roll, he loses it.
Strengths: he's quick to say he's sorry and give big hugs, so very friendly

Favorites of my 2 year old:

Foods: hardboiled eggs, muffins, yogurt, rice, carrots
Songs: Dad Life.  He would listen to it all day long if we could stand it.
Shows: Diego
Books: anything by Sandra Boyton
Toys: swords, or anything that he can use like a sword: a toy broom, comb, etc.
Activities: sidewalk chalk, coloring, hitting/throwing/tossing/rolling a ball.


He's beginning to speak in longer sentences all the time- the other day in the car on the way home from the grocery story, he told me "I want get those cookies out the box!"

He's starting to tell stories, too.  If you ask him what happened to Diego's backpack (in his favorite episode), he says "Diego backpack - ocean!  Oh no!  Diego drop it.  In dat water.  Get it, Diego!  To the rescue!"

Another example that comes to mind was after church on Sunday morning, I asked him if he had fun in his class.  His response:

"No, I cryin!  I want Mommy.  I want Mommy sit.  I want Mommy hold you.  I cry cry cry!"

I said "Well, Tucker, what did your teachers say?"

"Mommy class.  No crying.  Mommy get you."

It is amazing to be really communicating with him these days!

Oh, and here's our favorite word that Lana taught him!

How 2-year-old Tucker is like his...
Daddy - he will do almost anything to make you smile, and if something he is doing actually gets a smile, he'll continue to do it over and over
Mommy - he likes things to be in order; can't stand for cabinet doors to be open - he has to close them.

Treasuring details of my 24 month old:
Sleeps until 6:30 or 7:00 a.m., no matter what time we put him to bed.  He does best if we can get him down in time for him to have a solid 12 hours.
Naps 2-3 hours every day.
Just beginning to go through some separation anxiety, particularly at church.  He'll cry as soon as we pull up in the parking lot.
He finally learned to jump and actually catch a little air!
He's not interested in learning colors, letters, shapes, anything.
He will tell us when he pees or poops, and is very interested in watching everyone in the family use the potty, but will not approach it himself.
He's all boy - loves to tackle and wrestle and jump and chase.
He's tenderhearted, and if someone is crying, he immediately wants to know "What happen?!"
He drinks milk at breakfast and dinner.
He refuses to drink plain water - it must have a little splash of juice in it.  I usually do 75% water, 25% juice.  When I try to sneak him plain water, he'll often hand it back to me and say "I don't like it."
His imitation of a seagull cracks us up - and the best part is that he invented it himself on the beach one day!

His newest term of endearment is "dodo," like the bird.  He uses it to refer to anyone he loves.  When I poured him juice this morning, he said "Kanks, dodo!"  When he sees someone he knows and likes, he'll sometimes greet them with "Hey, dodo!"  When he threw a ball to me earlier, he shouted "Here ya go, dodo!" 

His favorite place in all the world is "ow-side!"

 This is one of those things that he does to make us laugh: yoga.

He loves cars, and is quite opinionated on which car he wants.

He's doing so much better with textures these days,
and will even do things like fingerpainting for long periods of time.

Big sis is in kindergarten now, and he is not a fan.
He'll wander around the house calling for her,
and when I tell him that she's at school, he hangs his head and says "awww."

His favorite game to play these days is hide and seek, and he'll sometimes play even though we don't know we're playing!  I'll be wandering around the house calling for him, and he'll be tucked away somewhere not making a peep.  After a while, he'll pop out with a big smile on his face:

For months now, he's been drinking his cup like this:

holding it out to the side so he can drink and see what's going on at the same time.

His sense of humor is taking off!
He put these on and looked at me with this serious face:
"I cool."

He calls Lana's little Pottery Barn chair "my couch,"
and he thinks it's the perfect place to chill out while Mommy reads him a book.

watching cartoons.  Diego, no doubt.

This is his "cheese" face these days:


 Oh, Tucker Philip Davis.
My son.

I look at this picture
and all I see
is feet.
Feet that are growing
carrying you away
running wild
soaring high
growing growing growing.
And I want to just freeze them,
right here.
at this size.
size 7 little Converses,
please stay.
Please always wants your mama best.
Please choose bubbles and rocks as your favorite things.
Please be my little boy forever.

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    1. I can't believe he's TWO!!!!!

      I had the biggest laugh about the cabinet door -- I am the SAME way... so much so that when I was in labor with Keaton, the nurse grabbed something out of a cabinet and let the door open....

      My WORD....I freaked out!!!!!! BEGGING someone to "shut it shut it!" (couldn't form the words, "please close the cabinet door);)

      Sweet boy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T-BONE!!