Friday, September 30, 2011

Life with Lana today (5 years, 2 months)

Profile of a 5 year, 2 month old Lana

44 pounds (70th percentile), 45 inches tall (90th percentile)
  • Interests: Superheroes, painting, reading anything she can get her hands on
  • Enjoys: watching football with her daddy, running with her mommy  
  • Turn Offs: taking naps, unless she's in Mommy & Daddy's bed;  
  • Vices: being impatient with her brother and responding to him in anger
  • Strengths: so, so helpful - often offering to help us clean, set the table, work around the house before we even ask her.

Favorites of my 5 year old:
  • Foods: broccoli, mama's homemade bread, and anything that she helps cook.
  • Shows: Spiderman, hands down! 
  • Books: Chapter books, particularly ones that are mysteries (Cam Jensen) and Superheroes.
  • Toys: art supplies are the only toy she really plays with - colored pencils, markers, paint.
  • Activities: jumping and flipping on her playset - she's been begging to start taking gymnastics again.

Treasuring details of my 5 year, 2 month old:

She's had another growth spurt recently -
this pictures shows how she's just all arms and legs right now.

This girl is adored by her little brother.

Her ability as a gymnast astounds me!  She has just the right mix of flexibility and courage to make her good.  She's always trying something new, pushing herself.  She asks every day when she can take lessons again.

Lana genuinely loves life.  While she tends to be reserved with her emotions and doesn't walk around bubbling often, her natural reaction to life is to enjoy it.  That makes her such fun to be around!  

Lana is a summer child, through and through.  
She loves being outside, in the warm weather, better than anything else.
We're so glad God brought us to Florida!  
She's settled in well and truly here.  At dinner the other night, she told me that "it feels like home here now.  It didn't at first, maybe for a few weeks, but I just made friends and have a house and it's all ok."  I talked with her about how the Lord would use that experience in her life so that she could encourage someone else.  She would have a new friend move into town, or a friend move out of town, and she could tell them about how it feels.

Her math skills are taking off in Kindergarten, under the instruction of Ms. Fine.  She's always been a quick learner, and reading is definitely her strong suit, so it's neat to see the other "side" of her brain working overtime.  She learned in school to count by 10's and they're doing some basic addition and subtraction, too.

But oh my, is she ever the reader!
She can read just about anything she puts her hands on.  Our home library collections contains lots of picture books, but her interest and ability level is extending beyond those, so I'm making strategic choices for her at the library these days.
I'll often find her spending her free time tucked away somewhere like this:

My long, lanky girl is fast!  
She's been running a bit with me, and I think she's more of a sprinter than a distance runner!  She doesn't have a "steady" pace - for her, running is fast or nothing at all.  I wonder if she'll try track one day?

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  1. Fun Fact: Joy and Lana are the same weight and height (even though they are two months apart) ... I think this is cool:)