Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LeapFrog Letter Factory

Thanks to this:

I adore being my children's first teacher,
but let me tell you something - 
I don't have anything on Leap, Lily, and Tad.

Lana knew all of her letters and sounds around 2 - 
strictly from watching this movie and then us practicing them together.
I really do believe this gave her a big head start,
and is part of the reason she's a strong reader already.

Tucker is following right along in her footsteps.
He asked to watch this movie a few weeks ago.
I put it on, realized he was paying attention,
and let him watch him every day or every other day.

This movie amazes me.
Everything by LeapFrog is top notch - 
they really do use the correct phonetic approach,
and they do it really well.
They have other movies that I think are entertaining, too,
but this one has far and away been the most educational for my kids.

Definitely worth purchasing!

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