Thursday, September 8, 2011

5 favorite children's book authors

We love books, so much.
There are literally hundreds of authors that we read, and love.
I thought I'd highlight a few of our favorites here.

1.  Audrey Wood
Her books are beautiful, educational, and just flat fun-to-read.
She writes and illustrates some, and her husband illustrates others for her.
Here are some of our very faves:

2.  Eric Carle
Of course I can't leave him out of this list.
Carle is famous for his illustrations - 
we love everything he's written, 
particularly Brown Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
Here's one of our very favorites that's a little lesser known:

3.  Tomi de Paola
I admire this author's ability to write about difficult things (like the death of a grandparent).  He does it gently and respectfully, but truthfully.  The illustrations in his book are soft and beautiful.

 4.  Eve Bunting
One of my favorite things about Eve Bunting is how widely her writing varies.  She doesn't hold to a particular "style" as many children's book authors do, as you can tell my the covers I've posted here from some of our favorite books.  She has a wide variety in her books, and she does it all well.

Hurry, Hurry is perhaps one of my favorite children's books of all time.  
It has just a few words on each page, but they are beautiful and build suspense and the book is tender and very exciting all at the same time.  

5.  Matthew van Fleet
Fromt the time Lana was born, my dear friend Melis has always come to visit us a few times a year, and every time she comes to visit, she brings books for the kids.  Melis & I share a mutual love for reading, and she has invested in my children's library so that they will love reading, too.
Matthew van Fleet is an author she introduced to us,
and we love every book of his!  
They are highly interactive and beautiful and fun to read and educational.


  1. Love this post and LOVE all of these authors!!!

  2. I Loved this post too! We love Audrey Wood, and haven't read all the ones you posted. Excited to check out the other two:)