Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the Teacher!

Today was Meet the Teacher Day for Kindergarten!

Before Lana had even eaten breakfast,
she started work on a special card for her teacher.

 I've been her mommy long enough to know that if she has a special gift/card to give to someone, it helps her break the ice and talk to them.  She loves to give, and it's just the ticket to help her overcome her shyness.  So in the past few weeks, we picked out some special treats for her teacher, and bagged them up in a new insulated lunch tote for her:

 A dear friend offered to keep Tucker for us so that Dan & I could both go meet her teacher.

Can you BELIEVE this line to get in the school?! 
We arrived a few minutes early and were at the back of the line!
It moved quickly and efficiently, but wowzers.

Lana's Kindergarten teacher is Ms. Fine.
Could there be any more wonderful name?!

This sweet woman is more than we could have hoped for!
She got Lana to warm right up.
She is very organized.
Her classroom looks like a K classroom should look.
Her introduction letter talked about how the work of children is play -
music to this teacher's ears.  She gets it.

Lana loved finding her seat with all of her things labeled.

 We got to put away supplies together.

And she even got brave enough to ask Ms. Fine some questions!  
Notice the hands behind her hair - this is a signature move when Lana gets nervous.
She wanted to know if there were centers like in preschool.

Checking out the computers with Daddy!

 Her teacher welcomes volunteers - I will get to go her classroom from 8:30-10:00 a.m. one morning a week and help with literacy centers.  I have a dear, dear friend who has offered to keep Tucker for me so I can do this!  As I was signing up for the different ways to volunteer, I looked over and saw this.  *happy sigh*

Lana is one of 15 in her class right now - mostly boys!
I doubt her class stays that small, but we can hope.

We wandered down the hall and found the art room -
it was breathtaking.

 Lana was amazed at the huge recycled art projects.
She gets to go to art every Monday.

And then we found the music room.
She said "Oh, it just smells so good."  
She goes to Music every Wednesday.

Peeking in on the yet-unfinished lunchroom.
She has lunch at 10:00 a.m.!
That sounds more like brunch to me - 
she'll need a heavy snack when I pick her up from school.

We got to go find the playground - I love that it's sand.
Welcome to Florida.

There's also an enormous covered area for when it's too hot/rainy/etc. to be on the playground.
(This is in addition to the gym for organized physical education.)

We could not have been more pleased with our visit to her school today.
The three of us nearly floated down the hallway towards the car.
We are so thankful for such a wonderful school,
for a teacher and a principal who love the Lord,
and for a little girl who is oh-so-excited to go back on Monday morning.

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  1. Oh, Rachael, how wonderful!!! She is going to LOVE school! That school looks amazing!!