Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fresh corn on the cob, cooked in the microwave

A few days ago, I made friends with the lady who works in the produce department at walmart.  She was trimming the ends off of fresh corn, and we talked about "dressing" corn for a while, and somehow it came out that her favorite way to cook fresh corn is in the microwave!  She ranted and raved about how easy it is to shuck once it's been microwaved, and how easy it is to do.

I did a little internet research, and we cooked our corn in the microwave last week!

The verdict is that my Walmart friend was right!  It's quick and easy.  The corn cooks in its own moisture, so the fresher the corn is, the better.  And it shucked like a dream after cooked.

I still think the best way to cook corn is on the grill, wrapped in foil with butter and sea salt, but there are nights when I want to serve corn and Dan isn't home to fire up the grill, or I don't have the time to slow cook it that way, or I don't want to have the clean-up of cooking it in a pot.  This is a perfect solution for those nights! 

Here's the skinny:

Cook fresh corn on the dob in microwave with husks and silk intact.
Place the desired number of ears on a damp paper towel.
Turn ears over halfway through cooking time.

Cooking time:
1 ear          1.5 minutes
2 ears         3-4 minutes
3 ears         5-6 minutes
4 ears         7-8 minutes
6 ears         8-9 minutes

When ears are hot to the touch, wrap in a dish towel.
Let stand 5 minutes.
Remove husks and silk (which is easier to do than when it's cold) and serve with melted butter and salt.

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