Monday, August 1, 2011

Family Diary

One of Lana's favorite birthday presents was our "family diary."

We read a book a week or two ago about a girl who lost her diary.
She had lots of questions about what a diary was, who could read it, what you wrote about in a diary, etc.  
One of Lana's areas of weakness is her fine motor skills, especially as they pertain to writing.  
Her handwriting is only so-so.  
She very rarely chooses to color pictures in a book that require her to stay in the lines.
She much prefers to color on plain white paper.
And if given a choice between coloring on even blank paper or doing something else,
she'll choose just about anything else.
It's obvious that it doesn't come easily to her, so she doesn't like it.

All of that to say,
when she expressed an interest in making a family diary for us all to share,
this teacher/mommy saw an opportunity to encourage her to write!
And read, of course, too.
A win-win.

When I gave her the diary, I wrote a note in it to get her started.
She immediately sat down to read it.

 And by the end of the day,
she was choosing to write in it!

I'm so excited about this.
Not only are there great academic/cognitive benefits to this,
but I really, really like the tradition of it.
A place for us to handwrite notes to each other,
to share our thoughts,
to encourage each other with truth.
I hope we continue to do this throughout her whole life!
It's especially neat to me because it was her idea.


  1. Oh, I just LOVE this! Now I have to get Aubrey to come up with the idea. What was the book that got all of this started??

  2. It was an Arthur book....the word diary is in the title. :)