Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life with Tucker today (1 year, 10 months)

Profile of a 22-month-old Tucker
  • Enjoys: drinking juice, throwing frisbees, playing with big sister, wearing hats, dancing, growling with Daddyclimbing
  • Turn Offs: taking showers, having his diaper changed, being told to "wait."
  • Strengths: he's very verbal, and clear about what he wants and doesn't want.  He's the most social little bug you've ever seen; he doesn't meet a stranger.  He's very loving, often asking for hugs or kisses or to "hold you."  Walking backwards is a newly mastered skill, too.
  • Vices: While it's a strength that he's clear about what he wants and doesn't want, its' also a vice.  "No!" is a familiar refrain around our house.  He's very physical with his sister - when he gets excited, he can't help but push her or hit her.

Favorites of an almost 2-year old Tucker

  • Foods: strawberries (a few months ago he wouldn't touch them!), crackers, rice, corn on the cob
  • Songs: "Deep and Wide" - he likes to sit in a deep bath and listen to me sing it.  "Dinosaur Boogie" comes with a super cute little dance!
  • Shows: "Eggo!"
  • Books: He's very into nursery rhymes these days, and likes to recite "Humpty Dumpty," "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Hey Diddle Diddle" with me.
  • Toys: cars, his football, trains 
  • Activities: putting on his own shoes, making mommy laugh, watching for motorcycles while we're in the car.  He loves motorcycles, and tells us that they "Race!!  Fast!"

New Words:
Communicating with him is always fun.  
Here's a video of some of my favorite new words he's saying!
We hear "again" quite often, especially when he's doing something fun like this.
He uses the sentence "I want" so much, and it's becoming more complex.  The other day, Dan was eating a bowl of cereal, and Tucker told him very seriously "I want bite that."  He also says things like "I no want night night," "no take pictures," and "I no like that."
To my great shame, he can also say "Netflix" and "movie" pretty clearly.

How 22-month-old Tucker is like his...
mommy - he loves naptime.
daddy - he snores.
sister - he climbs like a monkey.

Treasuring details of my baby boy:

He started by climbing little ledges like this.
The next thing we knew, he's climbing into Lana's top bunk.  

He loves to play with Lana's guitar;
he'll strum a few notes and say "I song!"

He is always happiest with a ball in his hands.  He's learning the difference between the kinds of balls, and we're constantly impressed with his arm when he throws.  

He is all boy, just the way we like it.  He was playing with this arrow, and just making the best little growling and fighting sounds.  How do boys just KNOW?!

He loves a "tower," although he wants you to build it and let him crash it.

He has the best facial expressions in the world!
Everything is so exciting to him right now - I love it.

He's developed an early interest in writing utensils, and enjoys "writing" with anything we give him.  He's still got that weird upside down fist grip.  I'm not sure what to make of that.

My boy loves ice cream.  The end.
I don't think Lana had even had ice cream when she was his age.
He thinks it's one of the food groups.

He absolutely melts me.
I took this picture because he was in one of his adorable moods, with his main goal being to charm the socks off his mommy.  He's such a little stinker....being so rotten and then turning it on for me.

Not knowing exactly how to do something never stops him from trying.

He wants to do anything Daddy does.
I love seeing him walk around the house imitating Daddy with tools.
Such a little man.

This is what he does when he's saying "I'm sorry."
He walks up to you and holds his hands up to you -
Lana says it's like he's trying to "hand you his sorry."

He loves everyone.....even if they're not in the mood to be loved.  :)

Can't you just hear the noise he's making here?
I love having a little boy who is a warrior at heart.
Lately, I've been collecting some books to read on how to mother him well 
without bending his spirit.
I want him to be this way.

He's losing some of that baby look, and looking more like a big boy to me these days.

He adores nothing in the world more than his big sister, and can't you see why?  
She is his constant companion, the one who keeps him safe and makes him brave.
I don't know what he'll do with her in kindergarten next year.

Tucker Philip Davis, being your mama is the pleasure of my life.

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