Saturday, July 30, 2011

Life with Lana today (5 years)

Allana Marie Davis,
today you are 5 years old.

5 whole years that we've had you in our life,
and it has just flown by.
in the blink of an eye.

When I look at you,
I still see my tiny baby girl
who had colic and could only be soothed by the hum of the AC unit,
who loved to be swaddled,
who let me stuff her in the Baby Bjorn like a sausage
because she just liked to be near mama,
who loved her crib and slept like a dream,
who hated to go for long walks in the stroller,
who got hospitalized for RSV and scared me to death,
who was my little miracle baby in so many ways.

And then I blink.

And I see you as you are today.
a reader
and writer
adored by baby brother
compassionate to the core
destined to be in a helping profession
my sidekick
who loves icees and chewing gum
and doesn't like to be touched while she's sleeping
a girl who chooses to read a book over nearly anything else
making her mama so so proud.

You're braver than I ever thought you could be.
You used to be so shy,
and now I watch you meet people and make friends
and I'm amazed at the way your little light shines.

You're smarter than I ever imagined a child of mine might be.
You're not supposed to be smarter than your mama, my dear!
But I've had a front row seat to your development
and I'm amazed at how you've taught yourself to read
and how you hate to write,
and how you problem solve just like your daddy.
And I can't help but wonder how the Lord will use this mind of yours...
where He will send you, who He will use you to touch.
And if that makes me afraid, just reminds me that you never were mine anyway.
You're God's.

But what I love about you most of all is this:
through the power of the Holy Spirit, 
you already love the gospel.
You said that very thing to us the other night as we tucked you in:
"I love the gospel!" you said as we shared it with you yet again.
And that's the answer to every prayer we've prayed for you.
If, in the past 5 years, 
you'd learned nothing else,
loved nothing else,
but had grown to adore the good news - 
that would be more than I as your mama could ever want or deserve.

Oh, Lana.
You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
You make my happy
when skies are gray.
You'll never know dear,
how much I love you.

And tonight, as I reflect on the day that you were born into this world 5 years ago,
I am praying for your life to be marked by a love of the gospel.
That you will love the Lord your God will all of your heart and mind and soul and strength.
That you will love your neighbor as yourself.
That you will act justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.
That you will hear the voice of the Lord clearly throughout your life,
and that you will obey His voice quickly.
That you will be one of the most godly women of your generation.
That you will have a hunger and thirst for the Word your whole life long.
That you will never seek my approval more than the Lord's.
That you are saved from the wrong friends and the wrong spouse
so that you might be saved for the right friends and the right spouse.
That the gifts God has given you will be used for His glory.

I don't know if you'll ever know, Lana Davis, what a delight it is for me to be your mother.
It's the greatest honor of my life.

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