Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Sweet RV.

Around 2:00 p.m. yesterday, we arrived!

Here's the student center, all the way to the left of church property:

And just behind the student center is our new temporary home:

Such a little thing, but such kindness.
Rusty Moye set the RV up so I can look out the windows and see the playground. 

And inside.
Flowers, cards, and treats for the kids.
I cannot wait to hug the neck of the lady who did this,
along with leaving a homemade lasagna in the fridge.

This stuffed animal is just what Lana needed.
It hasn't left her side since we arrived.
She named it "Kaitlin."

Tucker was appreciative of a little room to spread out.
12 hours in a car is no good for an almost 2 year old.

Here's a little tour of our digs:
the kids, coloring at the table.

The kitchen, that Dan's mom stuffed to the brim with food and supplies,
days before we even arrived.
Anything we could think of to ask for,
right down to the glass bottles of IBC that her son loves.

Tucker's room.
There's this storage compartment on the back that had plenty of room for his crib - excellent!

the bathroom,
that is quite a bit bigger than I expected!

our room.
topped with the quilts my great aunt Ernestine made before I was born.

We used every bit of available space,
and it all fit!  Everything we need.

Here's Lana's space - 
she is thrilled about her little loft area.

We walked over to Dan's office - 
isn't it amazing?!
It's been freshly painted.  
That was a labor of love, I assure you.

We cannot get over how wonderful this place is for us.
Not only does living in this RV for a month mean we don't have to unload our stuff and box it up again, it also means that we get to dig in right here at the church for a few weeks.
Everyone has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome -
there really is no place like home.

The only 2 problems we had last night:
(1) Tucker hates showers.

(2) This guy was waiting to greet Dan.

I think this will be a grand adventure!

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  1. Rachael I love the lady that left the kids treats too, what a little thing but so big! And I excited to see and hear all the new things to come, and hopefully see you guys in real life too. But my thought was to take a big bucket (you know the outside ones/toy bin looking ones-you can get them at Walmart ones:) fill it with water in your shower and some toys and bathe T-bone like that...instant bath. Love yall!