Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy birthday to you, Lana!

Birthday mornings at our house start with fun decorations 
and a breakfast of choice (blueberry muffins for Lana today!)
and opening gifts.
We gave her a reading chair and a stack of books, which she loved -
but the HIT was the "Family Diary" we gave her.
She read a book about a diary, and has been talking about having one that our whole family can write in.   She is so excited about this.
(And I'm secretly hoping it encourages her to write more!)

After breakfast, we headed to Mom & Baloo's house for her birthday party!
I am so, so thankful that they offered to do this for her.
In the midst of moving and getting settled,
there was no way I could have celebrated my girl the way I wanted to.
My mom, knowing this before even I did, offered to host her party.
What a blessing!

We had a wonderful family party out by my Mom & Billy's pool!

We do not take a precious family party this like for granted.
That we can be with the ones we love most on the very day of Lana's birthday -
well, this is the first time yet in her life that it's happened,
and it means so much to this mama.

To watch my little girl spend the day with the grandparents who literally slept in the waiting room of a hospital overnight, waiting for her birth -
that's special.

To watch my children play with their cousins,
to be able to snuggle and cuddle my nieces and nephews,
to have time to leisurely talk to parents and siblings and aunts and uncles....
that's special.

A special day for a special girl!

And then...on top of all that fun...
when we finally arrived home around 7:30 pm - 
there were balloons and a card waiting on the front steps!

My sweet friend Valita had dropped these off for her earlier in the evening.
She insisted on sleeping with them right by her bed
(because I wouldn't let her put them IN the bed),
and I could hear her counting them as she fell asleep.

The next day was Sunday, and her friend Savannah who she absolutely adores,
brought her this wonderful surprise:

She has barely put it down since.

I don't deserve friends like this already - 
we've only lived her one month,
and there are already people who are choosing to love on our family this way.
What sweet provision from the Lord!

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