Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life with Lana today (4 years, 9 months)

Profile of a 4 year, 9 month old Lana
  • Interests: reading books, learning about "units" of things (like space), doing mazes
  • Enjoys: chewing gum, climbing trees, exploring outside, going to the library for books, playing with her friends
  • Turn Offs: sleeping in her room by herself at night - she says it's not fair because Dan & I get to sleep with somebody.  :)
  • Vices: short-tempered when tired, would watch a LOT of television if we let her, doesn't have the best handwriting and is not interested in improving it, jumps and plays on furniture
  • Strengths: her ability to articulate herself, kindness toward her brother, willingness to help out around the house 
Favorites of my four year old
  • Foods: pizza, broccoli, strawberries, chocolate
  • Shows: the musical "Annie" has become a favorite lately!  
  • Books: Brer Rabbit, Flat Stanley, Big Truths for Little Kids
  • Toys: puzzles, Barbie-like dolls, dress up clothes 
  • Activities: playing outside, baking with Mommy, gymnastics, swim lessons, coloring 
How 4 year old Lana is like her... 
mommy - doesn't like anyone touching her when she sleeps
daddy - has his sense of humor

Treasuring details of my four year old:

  •  She is a natural caregiver!  It was so fun to watch her at Marbles - she gravitated toward being a "nurse."

  • She is a wonderful big sister!  She is never too busy to play with him, read to him, include him on her games, and take care of him.  In turn, he adores her.


  •  She loves to fish with her Daddy, and can cast her line better than some adults!  She'll even practice in the yard.

  • WHEN did she get this big?!  She loves to wear nightgowns and try on mama's shoes and who in the world taught her to stick her hip out like that????
  •  She doesn't miss a thing!  She found this leotard in her drawer the other day, declared it her "exercise outfit," and said she wanted to wear it every time we go to the Y.
  • We are moving from the stage that requires constant caregiving to the stage where I'm getting to just enjoy her company.  She loves life, and her love language is absolutely quality time.  Nothing says "I love you" to her like being together.

  • She's reading!  Not only is she reading, but she's amazing me regularly with the kinds of things she can read!  This process is mind-blowing to me; I love that it's happened organically, in our home, at her pace.  I love that she loves it.  
  • At Chick-Fil-A one time this past month, Lana met a friend, and they were playing together.  Earlier, I had reminded her to not climb up the slide: our rule is up the stairs, down the slide.  I was playing with Tucker, when I heard her voice come from the play area above.  She was talking to her friend and said "Yes, we can climb up the slide, but my Mommy told me not to, so we've got to sneak."  Obviously our disciplinary issues are becoming more complex these days.
  • She is quick to help, often picking something up or working around the house without being asked or reminded.
  • She's not napping anymore at all these days.  One afternoon she was acting sleepy, so I got her to nap with me, and she was still awake in her bed at 9:30 or later that night!  Not worth it.  She still spends around 2 hours each afternoon in her room playing and reading while Tucker naps, and I rest or get things done around the house.
  • Her spiritual awareness is growing daily. She's asking questions around this Easter season like How do you get to hell?  How do you get to heaven?  If you have to go to hell, can you leave and go to heaven?  Did it hurt Jesus to die on the cross?  Why did God let it hurt him?  Couldn't he have just stopped the hurt?  Where actually WAS Jesus while he was dead before He got alive again?
  • She is naturally brave, and often does and tries things that surprise me!  
  • She's coming out of her introverted shell a little, and will now make friends when we go to the playground, lake, etc.  She's isn't clinging to us when we drop her off at new places, and although she might stand back and watch for a while before engaging, she does eventually engage.
Lana, you are a drop of golden sun - you bring joy to all around you!
Nothing makes me smile like being your Mommy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Break Week of Awesomeness: Day 5

Last week, we were on spring break and had an awesome week!
However, the weather and strep throat busted up our big finale on Day 5.

Fortunately, we were able to reschedule it for tonight,
and we had an amazing time!
We invited lots of our friends from church to come to our house for a cook-out.
We provided hot dogs and drinks, and asked everyone to bring a side.

It could not have been better! 
The weather was beautiful,
and the company was amazing.
We estimate that we had 90 people here with us!!
We cooked (and ate!) nearly 100 hot dogs.
We drank 8 gallons of lemonade, and 4 gallons of water.
We had 3 tablefulls of delicious side dishes.
We set up cornhole and disc golf and a water table and slides and basketball goals and fishing gear.
We talked and laughed and played until it got dark.

We don't know who had more fun, the kids or the adults.
We'll let the pictures speak for themselves!
Who do you think enjoyed themselves more?

The kids....
My kids tested out the lemonade before the guests arrived.  : )  They approved.

Sweet Tessa had just gotten out of her car 
when Tucker dumped an entire cup of water on her head.  
She was not happy.

Camp liked playing cornhole. 

Tucker never stopped terrorizing the kids with the water.

I wish I had taken video of this.
He would throw water at the girls, they would run back,
and he would die laughing.
Just LOOK at the expression on his face.

I helped Lana fix her plate, and tried to put it down at the little picnic table.
"No, mama!" she said.  "At this one!"
She led me to the big picnic table with the big girls - 
how did it happen that she's playing with the bigs instead of the littles?

 My little nurse set up an infirmary.
Thankfully, we didn't have to use it that often.

 This wheat field kept the kids busy for hours, literally.

I wish I had taken a picture of all the amazing food!
We provided hot dogs and drinks, 
and everyone brought a side to share.
Tucker really enjoyed Jacelyn's key lime pie.

 The boys' fort in the field:

 and the girls':

 or the adults?!

It was a dream to have so many of my favorites all in one place.

doing our best to keep the kids out of the road

 I know, I have beautiful friends.  Inside and out.

small group ladies

 You know it's been a good day when your daughter is finally getting in the tub at 10:00 p.m., and her feet look like this: