Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog to book

The main reason that I switched from Totsites to a blog is because there exists out there in cyberspace companies who, for a small fee, will turn your blog into a book! 

I'm not a scrapbooker or even a picture-printer-outer,
so this is an amazing option for me!

I took the time to copy all the journal entries from Lana's totsite into the blog, beginning just before her birth.  

Then I got a great GroupOn deal from Blog2Print, so I made our books!
I did one from 2006-2008, and another from 2008-2010.  
Now I'll start doing one a year.  
I can't even begin to tell you how simple this site was to use!  
Literally, it took me 10 minutes to create the book.

Now, I might have liked the freedom to move a few things around, but that's not really an option.
So I looked into Blurb, which allows you thousands of customization options,
and while it looks amazing, it's going to take FAR more time than I have at this stage in my life.
And it's quite a bit more expensive.

After deciding that Blog2Print was the right choice, I ordered the book, used my GroupOn discount, found a 15% discount code online that they let me stack, and got free shipping.  

The first book came in the mail this week!
 It has around 170 pages, and is full color hard cover.
I paid a bit more for that option, but this is a family heirloom!

It's so amazing to me that Lana will have these words that I wrote, these pictures that I took, all in a book to show her kids one day.  

Call me a nerd, but I LOVE that it comes with a table of contents.
It might be my favorite part.

Lana has barely put it down since it came in the mail!
She loves looking at it, and wants us to read her all the "stories."
Such a confirmation that this is worth the investment!


  1. Looks like it turned out great! Did you get to choose the cover on it? Do they arrange the pictures to make it look right or did you do that?

  2. It looks beautiful! It is a lot bigger and sturdier than I imagined! O I can't wait to get started on ours:)

  3. Alicia, I did choose the cover....there are about 2 dozen options. I just ordered our 2nd book, and it will have a different cover.
    I chose the option for them to print the book in "snapshot" style, which means it prints out just as it looks on the blog. So they put the pictures in the right places. It was so easy!

  4. LOVE it. trying this company next time.
    i mean, a table of contents?! that's ROCKIN!!!!

  5. The picture of Lana reading it on the couch is precious. Can't wait to look at it, and order one of my own!