Monday, April 27, 2009

C'mon over!

For the past couple of years, I seemed to have struggled with hospitality.  It isn't that I don't LIKE people or want to hang out with them, I just got caught up in all the details of having company come over....wanted the house to be clean, smell good, have things for the kids to do, an "impressive" meal (on a budget, too!), etc.  By the time I got done thinking about planning to invite someone, I was worn out and just wanted to cancel the whole deal!  

Complicating the whole matter is that I'm a closet introvert.  I do love being around people, but I MUST have time alone to recharge.  I find I need time to read, rest, pray, write, etc. in order to have energy to give to others.  This surprises lots of people who think I'm a total extrovert, but by definition, extroverts are ENERGIZED by being with others.  While I enjoy it, that's definitely not me.  Dan says that I have an "innie-outie personality."  Terribly true.

All that to say that the Lord has spent the past year or so really working on my heart in this area.  I want to be unselfish with my time, while at the same time setting up good, healthy boundaries for our family.  Through the sweet encouragement and accountability of the women in my small group, I've been learning over the past year to just DO LIFE with people.  It doesn't have to be perfect or even look perfect....people just want to come hang out.  

Well, since moving to this house, it has TOTALLY, COMPLETELY blown me away how much differently I feel.  I am craving having people over, and we have had friends and/or family over almost every day since we've moved here.  Instead of being draining to me, I've loved it!!!  What an amazing gift from the Lord.  

I think it helps that there's ROOM here to have people over.  A playroom for the kids to play, room for everyone to hang out in the living room, a table big enough to seat everyone, lots of room outside for playing and eating and running and's just enjoyable to hang out here.

I think it's also helped to be away from people.  We loved our time on campus - please hear me say that.  We made some of our dearest friends...relationships that we will cherish for our lifetime.  But here's the truth of it - I couldn't walk to the mailbox without having 3 conversations on the way.  As soon as I stepped out my door (front or back), I was surrounded by people.  There was no opportunity for quiet or solitude to read or pray.  Ever. This has its positive points (I was never lonely and Lana always had a playmate), for sure.  But now that I have the opportunity to be alone sometimes, my heart is moved toward seeking out time with others.  

This is yet another wonderful blessing that has come from this move....a blessing I could not have anticipated, but am so grateful for.  Not only am I enjoying having people in my home now, but my sweet husband is honored in this.  He LOVES having company - our house would be full from daylight to dark if it were up to him.  It's so neat to be able to honor him happily this way....just a blessing for both of this.

So....all that to say...come over!!!  We'd love to have you.  For a few hours, for the afternoon or evening, for a few days and nights....we want you to visit.  

Here's a quick tour of the new house for those who aren't close enough to stop by:

This is the front of the house, but don't use that door...we're back door kind of people!

Here's the door that we'll use - we love this carport, for a thousand reasons!  We love having a covered area for the cars in bad weather, but it's also really great to play under when it's really hot or raining or whatever.

When you come in the back door, you walk into the kitchen:
yes, that's the washing machine next to the fridge.

Here's our added on pantry and portable dishwasher on the other side of the kitchen.

Just off the kitchen is Tucker's nursery:

Here's the living room - I love all the windows and light:

And just behind the recliner is our dining area.  We found a farmhouse table that I LOVE, priced so that I could afford it. I am so happy about this thing...looking forward to many meals around this table.

If you look out the "dining room window" you can see the playroom/office/guest room.  It used to be a porch, was closed in, and we added a window unit to climate control it.

Down the hall is our bedroom:
I love the windows and light in this room, too, especially in the late afternoon.

And right across from us is Lana:

The sunsets from our front porch are breath-taking:

Come see us soon!


  • Since I've been pregnant, Lana has insisted that she has a baby in her tummy.  His name is John Three (we were memorizing John 3:16 when this began).  She talks about when he "grows out" and asks me to buy things for him.  Well, today he grew out!!  She picked up one of her baby dolls and said, "Hey, mommy, this is John Three!  Tell him hello!"
  • Then she picked up another baby and said, "This is Kate.  You know, like Josh & Jacelyn have that Kate.  Now I have a Kate, too."  So we have John & Kate.
  • The other day, Lana had done something I asked her not to.  I got down on her level and asked her if she made a wise or a foolish choice.  "A foolish one, cause I disobeyed."  "What does God tell Mommy to do if you disobey, Lana?" I asked her.  She thought for a long second, and replied, 'Well, spank me, BUT you could give me some of that grace!"  We've spent so much time lately learning about Jesus, the cross, and the grace that we have received - how could I tell her no?
  • Yesterday afternoon, I got frustrated and made a growly noise and banged my hand on the doorframe of her room.  Immediately, I realized my mistake, and knelt down in front of her.  I told her I was sorry, and that to have a bad attitude like that was wrong...instead, I should have an attitude of gratitude. I asked her to forgive me.  She put those little arms around my neck and told me that she forgave me, and then said, "You had a bad attitude like I had a bad attitude with Daddy at nap time.  That's sin, Mommy."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yes, I AM a hypocrite.

Usually this website is focused on Lana, and the things going on in our family as a whole.  However, I have to share with you what the Lord is doing in my life....

Recently, someone called me a hypocrite.  My first instinct was to defend and explain myself.  However, upon reflection of myself and the Cross, I came to realize: I AM a hypocrite.  And not only that - I am worse.  Much worse.  My heart is wretched above all things.  You have no idea how terrible I really am.  I cannot defend myself again that accusation of hypocrisy, or any others.  My only defense is in Christ and the work He did on the cross.  My hypocrisy and sinfulness only make me that much more grateful for the grace and mercy of salvation.  

Although the circumstances that surrounded this situation were painful, it's purely the kindness of God that made something beautiful from it...that led me to repentance in this area, that has revealed to me the depth of my sin of pride.

Obviously my prayer life and Bible study have been focused on this lately.

Today, on the way to the zoo, Dan let me listen to a recent chapel sermon given by Mark Driscoll.  The title is 9 Distinctions between the Gospel and Religion.  I've posted it in the video section, or you can listen here:

My friends, I could not have been more mortified as I rode in the car with my family and sat under deep conviction.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the 9 points that Driscoll made applied to me.  I have made religion my gospel.  I have cheapened the power of the work that Christ did on the cross.  Perhaps this is because I was raised in the Bible belt, perhaps it's because my spiritual gifts lend me toward this, but most probably it's simply because I'm a sinner.

After the sermon was over, Dan wanted to listen to another, and I begged him to just let me have a break.  I was literally breathless with how far away I am from the gospel.  

Hebrews 12:11 says, "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."  
This is PAINFUL, but I am just so grateful for the kindness of my Father.  Hebrews 12:6 says, "The Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes those He accepts as a son."  

Please listen to this matter what your perspective on religion or the gospel, I am certain you will be impacted by it in some way.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More visitors!

Brother, Janika, and Jake left on Friday night, and Sunday afternoon, Nana, PawPaw, Aunt Kenzie, and Noah arrived!!  What a blessing to have family here for almost two weeks!  We were spoiled rotten.

They helped us clean out the old apartment, put up our gorgeous new curtains, deep clean the new house, paint a table for Lana's room, and a myriad of other projects.  We could not have gotten moved in to the point that we are without them.  They also treated us to dinner at the Angus Barn - always such an indulgence!  : )  We made a little time for play, going strawberry picking and to play at the mall.  We squeezed in a breakfast at the Border, too.  

Noah & Lana played so well together, and Aunt Kenzie was the resident nanny while the rest of us ran around with our heads cut off.  It was funny to watch Lana "mother" Noah because he's younger.  Most of the time it was really very sweet to watch her take care of him, but other times she wanted him to do things a certain way, and if he didn't, she'd try to do it for him.  We had to remind her that he wasn't a baby!!  It made me excited to see the bond that she and Tucker will have.

The time really did fly by, and we were so sad to see them go.     

Friday, April 10, 2009

The moving crew comes to town.

What a wonderfully busy Spring/Easter break we've had!!

Part of Dan's family came in for the week: Uncle Bro, Aunt Nika, and cousin Jake!  What a fun treat to see them!  And they have been so very much help moving.

They arrived on Monday afternoon, so we took a break from packing and had burgers at Five Guys before continuing to pack late into the night.

On Tuesday, we picked up Lana's bed and dresser, and our new kitchen table from my friend Janine's house, and took it all to the new house.  Dan and his brother put Lana's new furniture together while Janika and I cleaned the house.  We are SO GLAD that we did all of that on Tuesday and got it out of the way!  It took us the whole day, but it sure paid off on moving day. 

Tuesday night around 5:30, Dan went and got the moving truck.  He and Brother, along with a few neighbors, loaded the truck almost halfway that night.  We got started bright and early on Wednesday morning, and had lots of help.  We are so fortunate to be a part of the Body...grateful for the way they use their gifts for His glory and our good.

Wednesday was just slammed full of moving and moving and moving.  It took us all day.  Our little townhouse was like a clown car - stuff just kept coming out of the attic and shed and storage nooks.  We had no idea how much stuff we really had!

We unpacked as much as we could Wednesday night before we all just passed out.  Thankfully, there were beds set up so everyone could sleep.  

Thursday morning, Brother and Janika took Lana & Jake to the Kazoom puppet theater so Dan & I could have a few hours to unpack.  They came home around lunchtime and helped us get some more things done before treating us to a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. By Thursday night we had the majority of the house unpacked and put away.  Tdday we took some time to play!  We took the kids to Marbles and had lunch at Roly Poly before coming home for naptime.  They will leave tonight around bedtime to drive at least part of the way home.  We just could not be more grateful for their help this week!  I cannot imagine how we would have done it without them.

And on top of all that fun and excitement, PawPaw, Nana, Aunt Kenzie, and Noah will arrive Sunday afternoon to stay for a week!  We'll have to detox Lana after everyone leaves - she won't know what to do with herself!

Pictures coming soon of moving week and the new house!  Nana and Aunt Kenzie made lots of curtains for us, so we'll take pics after those are up.

Lana has done so well with this move....much better than my most optimistic expectations, in spite of the fact that I think she's getting sick.  Having Jake to play with has kept her busy, of course, and she's just loving the new house!  She woke up last night to use the bathroom, and in her sleepiest little voice told Dan, "Daddy, I love moving to new houses."  So sweet.  She loves her new bed, too.  Naps have been much shorter, but that's what happened when we transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed, too.  It'll get back to normal before long.  Such an answer to prayer!

And this house....oh, this house.  So many wonderful things about it that we love: all the land, the windows that let in so much sunshine, the peacefulness, the pond to fish in, all the SPACE....such an undeserved gift. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's a boy! Tucker Philip Davis

Somehow, I have just KNOWN for months that we were having a boy.  When the doctor told us, I wasn't even really surprised....delighted, ecstatic, but not surprised.  It was like he was telling me something I already knew.  So fun!  Dan cried, which was my very favorite part.  His sheer joy in seeing his son was one of the best feelings I've ever experienced.  

For weeks, Lana has been insisting that she wanted a baby brother.  We kept reminding her that God could give us either one, and that we would be happy no matter what.  Even in the waiting room of the doctor's office, she predicted boy.  And in typical two year old style, when the doctor told us it was a boy, she said, "Well, I want to see a girl!!"  Talk about a mind of her own!  I'm so looking forward to the big sister she will be.  

His name is Tucker Philip Davis.  We just love Tucker, and we are giving him Dan's middle name.  Lana got my middle name as her own, and Tucker will have Dan's.  

He is developing right on track, and is beautiful and healthy.  The doctor saw two "bright spots" on his heart that he noted.  He said these bright spots appear in the hearts of 4-5% of all fetuses, and for years, doctors just ignored them as anomalies.  However, a few years ago, researchers noticed that these bright spots appeared in the hearts of 20% of children who had Down's syndrome.  The doctor checked several other places on Tucker's body, and there are no other markers or signs of Down's.  At this point, we are not concerned in the least about this, and will be doing no further testing.  My mother's instinct really does tell me that this is nothing.  

SO....a boy!!  All you mama's with sons, I covet your advice and encouragement and hand-me-downs!  Laughing

We can't get over the great favor that God has shown us, and it has nothing to do with expecting a boy. It wouldn't have mattered.....the fact that the Creator of the universe and our children has entrusted us with the care of two souls is nearly overwhelming. Our blessings are too great to number, and we are thrilled to count Tucker among those blessings. My prayer for him today is that he will love his father's God all the days of his life.