Saturday, February 28, 2009

Life with Lana today (2 years, 7 months)

Sleeping: We've got such a good sleeper.  Although she doesn't take marathon naps, she does still nap, and her nighttime sleep is amazing.  She puts herself to sleep well, and sleeps 11-12 hours per night without waking, unless it's to go to the potty (which at 4 months pregnant, I understand!).  Thinking ahead to our next one, we're trying hard right now to remember how we got here, while keeping in mind that each child is just different.  We're hopeful that baby #2 sleeps as well as Lana does!

Eating: Some of her favorites this month have been marinated cucumbers, blueberry waffles, pickled okra, strawberries, burritos, and as always....chicken!  This month we started doing "Muffin Tin Mondays," where I serve her lunch or dinner in a muffin tin on Mondays.  It's lots of fun.  She's so great to try new things....we never force her to eat something, just insist that she try a bite. 

Talking: She's begun asking the "why" questions.  : )  So funny!  There are times that we just can't explain enough.  She can quote John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8, knows all of her letters and sounds, prays so sweetly and sincerely, and loves to "read" to her babies.  It will be interesting to me to see how her advanced verbal skills affect her little brother or sister.  It will either help s/he be an early talker because of her excellent example, or s/he will be a late talker because Lana will do all the talking for them!

Discipline: In Matthew 23:27, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees, and he says, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people’s bones and all uncleanness."  With my educational background in behavior management, I know how to manipulate children's behavior so that it "appears beautiful," but that is no guarantee of a heart change.  Our prayer during this season of discipling Lana is that we don't create a whitewashed tomb.  We are after her heart....we want it to be full of life and a desire to honor the Lord.  

We are in the throes of the twos or threes or whatever age it is when they are so full of life and laughter, and then a few minutes out of every day, they act as if they are possessed and pitch fits and throw tantrums and act generally like they've lost their minds.  We've found, of course, that she's more likely to act out if she's hungry and/or tired, but for her, it's closely tied to needing/wanting our attention.  Her love language is definitely "quality time."  Lana just wants you to BE with and play and interact with her.  When we are busy or distracted for extended periods, we are almost asking for a tantrum.

Playing: As always, Lana has been playing with her babies a lot.  Her imagination is starting to take off.  She says that she has a baby in her tummy, and his name is John.  If you ask her what his last name is, she says, "John 3."  We'll be eating dinner, and suddenly she'll say, "I hear my baby crying!" and have to go take care of them.  Silliness.  Books are another staple....our trips to the library have become even more fun as she picks out the ones that she finds interesting.  We ordered her a Rainbow Fish matching game, and she plays with it every single day.  Playdough, fingerpainting...she's just loving all those fun, typical two year old activities.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kisses and pee pee.

Lana is doing really well with night time potty training.  She sleeps in panties, and never has any accidents.  About once a week, she won't be able to make it through the night and will wake up crying.  She's not awake/aware enough to know she needs to use the potty, so she just cries until I come get her, and then she will tell me she needs to pee pee.

Just a few minutes ago, she started wailing, so I went into her room.  Her little arms reached up out of her bed for me, and I knelt down beside her and held her.  "What is it, baby?"  I asked her, thinking she might be having a bad dream.

She locked her little arms around my neck and whispered, "I need kisses from you and I need to go pee pee."  

Melted me. 

Dentist appointment

We had Lana's 6 month dentist appointment today.  We talked about it a lot yesterday - what they were going to do, how mommy was going to stay right there, etc.  She was pretty excited this morning, but when we got there....woah!!!  She was fine right up until they wanted to get in her mouth, and you would have thought that they were asking to cut out her tongue.  She lost her mind! Screaming and kicking and fighting!!  HUGE props to Dr. Buddy and his staff at Carolina Pediatric Dentistry - they didn't act annoyed at all, and they didn't let her fit stop them.  He just picked her up and put her in my lap and did his thing, talking to her really calmly the whole time until she finally settled down and listened to him.  

Besides the embarrassing show she put on, we had a great visit.  They said her teeth look "exceptionally white and clean," and gave her big praise for brushing and drinking lots of water and milk.  She has a "100% overbite," and (just like they do every time) they encouraged us to start saving for braces.  Dan & I both had them, so we're not surprised.  

As we were leaving, she gave the nurse a hug and said, "I won't cry next time." As we were getting in the car, I asked her why she pitched such a huge fit, and she said, "I just didn't want to be scared, Mommy."

Friday, February 13, 2009

13 weeks pregnant

Today I am 13 weeks pregnant!  The nausea has mostly subsided, although it'll hit me like a rock if I let myself get hungry or thirsty.  I'm still pretty fatigued and feel like I could sleep for days, but I think that's probably just a product of having a toddler and growing a human. 

I've had some pretty intense cravings...usually for fruit, thank heavens, but I've also been jonesing pretty hard for chips and french onion dip.  The weirdest so far was apple cider vinegar.  I bought some for a recipe, and barely got it home before I HAD to have it.  Drank it straight out of the bottle....almost a quarter of it!  

My belly is growing, growing...can't believe how fast I've started to show with this one!  My jeans mostly won't button - I've got to get a bella band or break out the maternity clothes soon.

Today was our check-up with the OB.  Baby's heartbeat was 158 beats per minute, going strong.  I cry every single time I hear that precious sound.  

Be praying....our new OB (whom we ADORE) has been delivering babies for 25 years, and it going to quit delivering babies this year.  He's waiting on some information from Rex Hospital to decide if he's going to stop this summer, or deliver through September.  Obviously, with a September 3 due date, we'd love for him to continue through that month.  We should know something within two weeks or so.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things I don't want to forget.

We have a friend here named Carolina.  Lana is CONVINCED her name is North Carolina, and has lots of trouble figuring out how we live in North Carolina.  So cute.

For a week or two, bedtime was a nightmare with Lana.  It's better now, but I swear, I thought I was going to kill someone for a couple of weeks.  Last Monday night, I was so frustrated with her.  When she got up to pee for the thousandth time, I barged into the bathroom, turned on the light, and (in a very frustrated, raised voice) said, "Lana!! That's enough!  I'm DONE!!  You've got to go to sleep because I'VE got to sleep!!"  Her bottom lip pooched out, and of course I felt terrible for almost-yelling.  I apologized and asked for her forgiveness, which she gave so willingly.  We loved for a while, and she went to bed, where she DID eventually fall asleep.  Well, several nights later, Dan was putting her to bed and she totally ratted me out!  She told him, "Daddy, Mommy yelled at me the other night.  She had a mistake and said she was sorry.  We all make mistakes; you just gotta apologize.  I forgived her, Daddy."

She's had a yucky cough for a week or so, and I sometimes will give her a cough drop.  She tells Dan, "These don't help me cough."  She really means that they help her to NOT cough, but it comes out every time as "These don't help me cough."

Monday, February 2, 2009

Latest blog post from

**This blog was SUCH an encouragement to me today.**

Last time in this How I Do It series, I shared how I've learned I can't do this myself. It's only by the grace of God that I can be the wife, mother, and homemaker He's called me to be. And it's only by walking in His strength that I can do anything. In and of myself, I am nothing.

Today I want to share with you one of the second most important aspects I've found for keeping your sanity and a cheerful spirit when mothering littles: choose what is best.

There are constantly a thousand different ideas, projects, opportunities, and such calling our names. They might be wonderful causes and worthwhile endeavors, but we can't do it all. It's impossible, especially when you have young children underfoot.

My most important priorities right now are: my relationship with the Lord, my relationship with my husband, and my relationship with my children. I must continuously remind myself of this so that I do not get side-tracked.

As my children are little right now, they take up a great deal of my time. And this is how it should be. I was entrusted by God with these little lives to train and raise for the glory of God. Some day, they won't need me to bathe them, change their diapers, read them stories, fix their meals, remind them to say "thank you", get them dressed, take them potty.

Some day, Lord-willing, I will work myself out of a job. Some day, Lord-willing, my children will be sent out (maybe even into the uttermost parts of the earth!) as strong and Godly warriors for the cause of Christ.

But right now, they need me. And they needs lots and lots of me--quality time and quantity time. It's my calling and I want to whole-heartedly embrace it.

This means, however, that there are many other things I must say "no" to in this season of life. I must carefully choose what activities I'm involved in, prayerfully choose what opportunities I commit to, and pro-actively guard against losing sight of what my most important priorities are right now.

Now before you get the impression I have this all figure out, let me tell you: I don't. I struggle with wanting to do more than I can do, it's often hard for me to say "no", and I sometimes find myself helplessly over-committed. Choosing what is best is something I'm still learning and seeking to implement in my own life.

However, I know without a doubt that those months, weeks, and days when I have truly sought the Lord and my husband's direction and been willing to stick to what is most important have been so blessed. Life is much more calm and organized, I am much more cheerful, and my family is much better taken care of. If only I just didn't forget this lesson so easily!

So I share this to encourage you and to serve as a reminder to me to really examine our priorities, commitments, and activities to make sure we are investing our time in what matters most in the season of life. Let's not let the mediocre or the good take precedence over the best.