Saturday, May 31, 2008

This week's focus

The area of discipline I'm working on with Allana this week is not trying to wiggle away when I'm holding her.  When I am holding her in my arms or in my lap, I do not want to have to fight to hang on to her; instead, I want her to learn to use her words to ask for permission to get down.  It's a heart issue of submission to authority that I want to address with her while she's still small.  I can physically restrain her now, but will I be able to in 3 years?  5 years?  10 years?  Probably not.  I want to teach her to be still when I ask her to, and to ask permission to get up or be let go.  So we're practicing, like everything else with a two year old.  I'll put her on my lap, especially when I know she is interested in something else going on.  And when she tries to wiggle away, I remind her, "Don't fight Mommy.  Ask if you can get up."  And she always stops fighting, sits still, asks, and then I let her go.  We've been doing this routine all week long, and you always wonder how much they're absorbing, but tonight when I was putting her to bed, she pointed her finger and said, "Don't fight Mommy!  Obey Mommy.  Ask to get up."  Hooray!!  Tonight she gets it...who knows if she will tomorrow, but we'll keep at it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blocks and a sucker.

Allana's teacher Mary Mac came down to our classroom today to ask if it was okay if she gave Lana some candy.  She told me that Lana had cleaned up all of the blocks in their classroom without being asked or helped...they looked over, and she was just putting them all back in the box.  What a good helper!  They rewarded her with a sucker and made a big deal over her helping without being asked.  What wonderful teachers she has...I love knowing about those kinds of things in the middle of the day!

When we were getting in the car after school, I asked her how her day was and she told me, "I get that sucker...I get that red sucker!"  "What did you get a sucker for, Lana?"  "Mary Mac gave me that sucker.  I picked up that blocks!"

Monday, May 19, 2008

I like you.

Sometimes the weekend afternoons are really tough with Dan not here.  The three of us are so very close that when one person is not here, it just feels a little empty - we rattle around a bit.  Somehow we always have more fun when the three of us are together.  So when Dan is at work, we miss him, and sometimes Lana and I both get pretty grumpy by Monday afternoons. 

But sometimes it's easier.  Like today.  The weather was perfect - we couldn't have asked for anything more.  The neighbors were out, everyone had that peaceful, easy feeling.  The house was clean, the laundry done, and lunch packed for the next day.  Lana and I just got to enjoy each other and our friends, and I was reminded several times how much I adore my child.

She was riding her friend TJ's tricycle (how excited am I to give her one for her birthday?!?) and went around the corner on the sidewalk.  A few moments later, she turned it around and headed back toward me.  As soon as she spotted me, she stopped and stood up and yelled, "I see my mommy!!!"  I waved big and called to her and she jumped up and down and said, "I excited!  I get mommy!" and pedaled toward me as fast as she could. heart, outside my body, just truckin' along on a tricycle.

And then tonight as she and I sat at the dinner table, she put a bite of pasta in her mouth, chewed it up while looking at me very thoughtfully, and swallowed.  She pointed at me with her spoon and said, "I like Mommy." 

I know she loves me...every little girl loves their mommy.  But it's another thing entirely that she likes me.
To be honest, her liking me is not particularly high on my list of goals for her.  I realize that I may have to make decisions and choices that aren't very popular with her, and it's far more important to me for her to honor me than to like me.

Nonetheless, it's a fun bonus when she does like me and tells me so.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008

Happy Mother's Day!  We hope everyone has a wonderful day honoring the women in their lives who are mothers, grandmothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers, women who are like mothers....

We are a bit sad to not be in Alabama celebrating the day with our mothers.  Moms, please know that we love you and are so grateful for all the sacrifices you have made throughout the years...and the ones you continue to make.  We are even more grateful for you now that we have a child of our own.  She is so blessed to have her Nana and SueSue, and she loves you more than you can imagine.  Thank you for being such a wonderful part of her life.

We started our Mother's Day celebration started with Muffins for Mom in Lana's preschool class on Friday.  She made me a precious hand towel with her handprint on it.  It's proudly on display in our downstairs half bath.

My sweet mom sent me a Mother's Day card, and my generous father and mother-in-law actually sent us a package with a cute shirt for me, a dress for Lana, and a shirt for Dan....a Mother's Day package!

I can hardly believe that this is the second Mother's Day I have celebrated with my precious daughter.  

We don't have big plans...we'll be at church all morning, then a quick lunch before Dan goes to work.  We'll go to the Six Sundays in Spring concert with friends and we'll celebrate Mother's Day as a family later in the month.  I am trying not to be too sad about Allana & I not being with any family at all tomorrow, and to instead just focus on how blessed I am to be the mother to a beautiful, sweet, healthy daughter.

Edited to add: my precious husband and daughter worked hard to make today special for me, even though we just had a few moments together.  Dan went in to get Lana up this morning, and wouldn't let me come in.  She came out of her room pushing her grocery cart that was filled to the brim with goodies: Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos, chocolate, gum, and a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure!  Dan promised me that when he's done with finals, I'm going to have a day all to myself - hooray! 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things I love about being Lana's Mommy:

Knowing right where her ticklish spots are
Reading books together
Rocking before naps and bedtime
Talking about our day at school on the way home
Holding her when she cries
Making sure she eats healthy, well-balanced meals
Praying over her
Singing together
Teaching her about Jesus
Listening to her learn to pray
Hearing her say, "I need mommy!" from her crib
Holding hands when we walk in the street
Checking the mail together
Watching her wisdom and stature!
Being her Sunday School teacher
Hearing her say, "Thank you very much!" spontaneously
Watching her fall more in love with her Daddy every day
Teaching her how to skip
Kissing her bo-bo's
Watching her sleep
Watering the plants together
Making messes together...paint, chalk, markers, water, whatever
Doing laundry together
Giving tight squeezes
Putting on make-up and lotion in the mornings together
Listening to her name all the people she loves
On and on I could go....I am so very blessed.