Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life with Lana today (1 year, 6 months)

  • She races through the house with her grocery cart, yelling, "Go go go!" and then slams on the brakes and says, "Stop!" 

  • She puts baby in time-out a lot.  She'll even set the timer like we do, and she always remembers to give baby hugs when time-out is over.

  • She's getting a new tooth, and when it hurts, she'll point to her mouth and say "Teeth...hurt....teeth....hurt," until you give her Motrin.

  • We love to give hugs, and so now she's making Noah (from the Little People Ark) give all the animals in the ark hugs.

  • If you show her a picture of herself, she'll say, 'It's Lala!"

  • When we're sitting down and she wants us to get up to go do something, she puts her hand on our arm and says, "Push!"

  • When she's tired of eating, she takes her spoon or fork and makes airplane noises with it.

  • When Dan's praying, if I open my eyes to peek at her, she's always looking at me, and she'll say, "Hi!"  Busted.

  • This morning while we were all in the bathroom getting ready, she reached over to Dan and rubbed his arm up and down, very softly for several seconds.  It was so tender that Dan's eyes filled up with tears.  She looked up at him with those big blues and said, "I sweet."  Yes, indeed you are sweet, our Lana.

  • Dan has discovered a wonderful tactic to help her remember to obey us.  When he tells her to do something and she acts like she doesn't want to or says, "No!" he says sternly, "Allana, say yes sir."  And SHE DOES!  Every time, she immediately says, "Yes sir," and does what he asked her to do.  Amazing.  It's like she just needs to be reminded what the correct response is.  So I tried it, and it works for me, too.  She obeys every single time when we remind her what she is supposed to say and do.  What a wise husband I have!

    For the past couple of months, she has had a really hard time with me leaving her in the mornings at preschool.  She loves school, asking for her teachers and friends when we're not there.  She is excited to get to school, and is more than fine throughout the day, but when I walk out the door, she has been completely falling apart.  Dan & I have been praying about it, and I have been reading and talking to others, trying to figure out how to ease that transition time for her.  So the past two weeks, right before I leave her classroom, I get down on her level, look her in the eyes, and say, "Mommy is going to her classroom.  You are going to stay here and play.  I'll be back to get you at the end of the day.  Give me a hug and kiss."  And she does, and then I leave, and as I'm walking out the door, she says, "Be back!"  No more tears - what a sweet relief! 

    Here are some favorite photos from January (click on any one to make it larger):

  • 18 month check-up

    Allana is 18 months old today!  She had her 18 month check-up with Dr. Dirk right after storytime at the library.  She is doing so well.  She weighs 27 pounds, 11 ounces, and is 33.75 inches tall.  She is right on her growth curve.  Developmentally, she's doing very well, too.  Dr. Dirk is so wonderful...he's very calm, nothing ruffles his feathers at all, always very encouraging, not alarmist at all.  Because of that, when he says to do something, we listen.  And he says she's doing wonderfully.

    We didn't have to get any shots today, which made it a super visit.  She has one more to get at her 2 year appointment, and then that's it (besides flu shots) until she's in kindergarten. 

    Thursday, January 24, 2008

    To be or not to be a big sister?

    Disclaimer:  This website is so useful for keeping all of our precious family and friends updated on what's going on in our sweet daughter's life, but it is also an online scrapbook that we are keeping for Allana to have one day.  So by virtue of that, sometimes you'll get to read more of our intimate thoughts and conversations than you might otherwise.  

    Thank you for joining us on this wonderful adventure, and do know that you are just reading the words that we are thinking out loud.
    This is our favorite age yet - there is NOTHING we are not enjoying about the stage Allana is in right now.  She's very verbal for her age, so there's not a lot of communication frustration.  She sleeps from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., and will sometimes let us snooze until 9 a.m.  She eats three meals a day at the table with us, and enjoys almost everything she eats, saying, "Yummy!" or "I like it!"  She laughs and plays and loves to read books and run around the house or the yard....everything is just delightful, to the point that we are sometimes selfish of her time and consider it a sacrifice when we are away from her for even a few hours.

    So although we know we would like to have another baby and we would like for Allana to be a big sister at some point in the future, we cannot imagine sharing this time that we are spending with her with another child. 

    (Not to mention...where would another kid fit in this tiny place?  I mean, seriously, we live in 900 square feet, and 800 of it is full of stuff!  And Dan works two jobs and is school full-time and we barely make ends meet each month.  This might not be the best timing.)

    All along, we've thought that we'd like them to be 3 or 4 years apart.  We've got a few months before we need to really start thinking about conceiving, but's coming up faster than I think we realized.

    We're just so caught up in the stage she's in right now - we couldn't be enjoying it more!  We talk daily about how rich our lives are, with each other and family and friends and church.  But we don't want to be selfish.  We know that the relationship between siblings is mighty - because we experience it ourselves.  We want her to have brothers and/or sisters, and we don't want there to be a huge gap between them. 

    This is tougher than we thought it would be.  All we know at this moment is that the Lord told us when the right time was for us to have Allana.  He made it perfectly clear that we would conceive...and we did, immediately.  Right now, our prayer is that He would again be clear with us, and that He would trade our selfish hearts for a heart like His. 
    What a gift our one daughter much richer our lives will be when He gives us another child.  It's hard to fathom.

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Today's Top Three:

    Here are my favorite moments from today:

    Last week Allana was on a huge meat binge.  All she would eat was meat.  So tonight we grilled chicken, thinking she would love it.  Nope.  She wouldn't even touch it.  We got out the ketchup, thinking we could entice her to eat a few bites of it.  Instead, she kept pushing it away, saying "I like it!"  But what she really meant was "I don't like it."  But she just kept insisting in this horrible, whiny voice, "I like it!"  It took all I could do to keep from laughing.

    She has started wiggling her fingers at you and saying, "ticka ticka ticka," with a big smile on her face, meaning, "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" 

    After bath time and pjs and books, Dan brought Lana downstairs to tell me goodnight.  As she walked past the bathroom, she said, "Bye toys!" to her bath toys.  I love sentences.

    Monday, January 14, 2008

    Zaccheus, time-out, etc.

    She cracks me up.  Really, she does.  Sometimes I can hardly believe that this creature grew inside of me.  She amazes me so.
    Here are tonight's favorite moments:
    • I was washing dinner dishes, and she kept whining for me to get her more milk.  I explained that I would get some for her when I finished washing dishes, and she kept on whining.  I tried ignoring her.  The whining continued, to the point where I thought my eardrums might rupture.  So, with my hands in a sink of soapy water and dirty dishes, I turned around and said, "Allana.  That's enough whining.  Go to time out."  And she did.  And she sat there until I finished washing dishes and came to talk to her.  Geez.
    • After her bath, I was drying her off and telling her the routine.  She knows it, but it helps to remind her of what we're going to do next. She always repeats the last word that I say.  Well, usually she does.  Here's how the conversation went tonight, with me in blue and Allana in pink:
            "We're going to put on your lotion..."   "Lo-shu!"
            "And then we're going to put on your pj's..."     "Deejays!"
           "Then we'll read a book..."     "Book!"
           "And sing a song...."    "Zaccheus!"
    Huh?  I think she just told me what song she wanted me to sing.

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    Marbles Kids Museum

    Today was such a fun day for our family!  Dan didn't have school or work, Allana and I didn't have to go school, so we got up and went to Marbles Kids Museum.  It is an amazing hands-on, interactive museum that allows kids to explore and play and learn through doing. 
    Allana had the best time!  She ran and danced and colored and played her little heart out - we're posting lots of pictures and even a super cute video of her dancing.
    We are really looking forward to our nephew's visits in the next few months - we definitely want them to visit Marbles with us!

    Here's the website: