Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life with Lana today (10 months)

It seems like all of a sudden, Lana has just taken off!  One minute she was happily sitting on the floor, the next she's moving everywhere!  Just this past week, she has started pulling up on everything.  And with the pulling up, comes a lot of falling down!  She's got bruises on her head, face, arms, legs, and rug burns on her knees.  She does so good, though, when she falls down.  She might fuss for a second or two (but she might not!), and then she keeps on going.  We're so glad she's not a drama queen!

This past Saturday night we were having dinner with some friends at Dustin & April's house, and she pulled up on their coffee table and started cruising around it.  WOW!  I don't think I'm ready to have a 10 month old who's walking.  Hopefully she'll just do this cruising/crawling thing for a while longer.

This Wednesday, we are taking Lana to the eye doctor for her first eye exam.  There's a national program called InfantSee that sponsors eye exams for children under 12 months old.  It's based on research that says early intervention for vision problems can prevent major problems later on, and participating doctors provide the eye exams free of charge to the patient (they are reimbursed by the government).  I've talked to several moms who have taken their little ones for their eye exam already, and all had positive reports!  If you've got a child who's under 12 months, check out the InfantSee program on the web.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

We got up early this morning before it got too hot and headed to Falls Lake.  We had never been before, so we weren't quite sure what to expect.  Well, all three of us loved it!  Lana loved the sun, the sand, the water...everything!  We didn't come home until way past her naptime, but she didn't fuss one bit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, especially to our Moms!  Kiss  

We hope everyone has had a wonderful Mother's Day.  

This one is obviously very special in our house, as it is the first Mother's Day that we have had with Allana.  

When I went in to get her on Mother's Day morning, her floor was filled with balloons and she had on a onesie that said, "Happy Mother's Day!  Love, Lana."  

So cute!  I got a mother's bracelet with her name spelled out, a candle for bathtime, and a precious card from Lana and from Dan.  God has given me more than I could ever have wanted.